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Well done and well deserved by everyone!

It's not often that a group of Greeks sets up a two-year plan and execute it as designed!

Congratulations to:

--> The new shareholders for pumping some cash, and setting up the board to help the team (Tziger too for being unselfish and stepping our of the limelight)

--> Pateras for guiding the ship through some shareholder hiccups, and most importantly for working the paraskinio to make sure were were not going to be robbed.

--> Antoniadis for doing an awesome job bridging the huge riff between fan clubs and the shareholders

--> Antoniou for envisioning an attacking squad and spending the money well to succeed. He left some unfinished business on defense, but we can't deny that the transfers were the main reason we won this title. Kudos for setting up a fairly young and Greek foundation

--> Ten Cate and the rest of the coaching staff for transforming an old and tired, defensive and counter-attacking team, into a possession-type squad with good discipline and superb conditioning.

--> Nioblias for turning a very uptight team into a loose and joyous bunch that won the title in the end

--> The players. All (well, most) deserve credit in this long journey (in order of importance):

---------> Cisse: 23 goals, 4 assists, 2 penalties won, and 6 shots to the woodwork in 29 games among other contributions. He turned our offense into a potent and respected line

---------> Katsouranis: Huge contribution both offensively and defensively

---------> Gilberto: A true aristocratic figure in our midfield. We straggled whenever he was absent.

---------> Leto: contributed 6 converted assists and added much needed flare in the squad

---------> Salpigidis: while his late-season form collapse can cloud the memory, his contribution is undeniable with 5 goals, 4 assists and one penatly won. So long, thanks, and good luck wherever he goes.

---------> Ninis: is coming of age after a full and true pre-season.

---------> Karagounis: Great leading role all season long. He has simplified his game immensely, served 4 assists and 3 goals

---------> Vintra: He played every position on defense and excelled in each. Huge improvement as a player, played with heart and passion we would be hard pressed to find in so-called better players. Scored some very important goals too.

---------> Tzorvas: stabilized a very shaky position and pulled some spectacular saves

---------> Simao: At his young age he was a rock at DM. Many cite his lack of ball handling ability but no one can deny his defensive skills. He's been learning a lot next to Gilberto and I watched his positioning and ball movement improve a great deal in the last couple of months.

---------> Spyropoulos: He was the iron man up until he got injured. Solid defensively

---------> Sariegi: gave it all he had and was solid on some games when we were desperate for a CB to step up

---------> Kante: Nioblias trusted him with a starting spot and he turned out being a very solid defender

---------> Honorable mention with some sporadic contributions: Christodoulopoulos (for one fun game at Aris), Marinos/Petropoulous for all the raw potenial, and Seitaridis who finally came back to a very mature games in the last month, and Bjarsmyr for some really good games early on.

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with two games left these are our goal scoring/assist statistics for the whole year....

cisse is our leading scorer with 23 goals in the league and 5 in europe and 1 in the cup with a total of 29 goals..

salpi is next with 5 goals in the league 1 in the cup and 5 in europe equaling 11

katsouranis is still next with 8 goals in the league and 2 in europe equaling 10

leto has 6 in the league and 1 in europe giving him 7 total goals.

ninis has 3 in the league and 2 in the cup and 1 in europe=6

vyntra has 4 league goals and 1 in europe taking him to 5

karagounis has 2 in the league and 1 in europe finishing at 3 total

rukavina has 2 goals in the cup and 1 in europe =3

cleyton has 2 goals in the cup.

xristodoulopoulos has 1 in the league and 1 in europe=2

sarriegi has 1 in europe

equaling a total of 53 league goals (one autogol) 18 goals in europe and 10 cup goals(two autogols)..so we have scored a total of 81 goals...

next to assists...

salpi is leading the team and has 5 in the league and 3 in europe totaling 8..

karagounis is tied with leto with has 4 in the league and 3 in europe=7

leto has 4 in the league, 1 in the cup and 2 in europe =7

cisse has 5 in the league and 1 in europe=6

ninis has 4 in the league and 1 in the cup and 1 in europe=6

katsouranis has 5 in the league

gilberto has 3 in the league

spyropoulos has 2 in the league and 1 in europe=3

vyntra has 1 in the league and 1 in europe=2

xristodoulopoulos has 2 in the league

rukavina has 1 in the league and 1 in europe=2

kante has 1 in the league and 1 in eurpe = 2

gabriel, marinos, and tziolis each have 1 in the league

and simao has 1 in europe..

if anyone has any discrepencies with the stats let me know...i collected them by watching video highlights..as far as assists go, i included some 'suspect' assists...i gave the benefit of the doubt if there were little deflections and such before the goal so my stats may not line up completely with the 'official' stats or others'. let me know if i made any mistakes!! and feel free to add your own stats as well (yellow/red cards, penalties and such)

acouple other stats...we have the best offense in the league by 8 goals right now and the second best defense tied with Oly at 17...paok are first with 15 but have only scored 37.

we are the only team that has and can have 20 wins in the league..we have 21 oly and paok both have 18..

we have the leading scorer in the league as cisse has 23 and both campora and barkoglou have 11 :blink:

of the top four teams oly has the next leading scorer with a measly 9 goals from mitroglou..kats has 8 and hasnt scored a goal in the second half of the season...

based on the stats alone, we were by far the best team in the league this year...

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Hey, great job Pao123! Thanks for posting these.

I too keep stats as you know, and I do it during the game. When a goal is made, at that moment, I mark the minute, the way (header-shot), the assist server, and of course the scorer. It keeps me from jumping up and down and scaring the kids


I don't keep stats on the Cup because playing lower division teams can realy skew my averages, and in the end they are kind of meaningless to me.

I guess assists can be subjective at times. I post mine, but I don't mean to imply that mine are more correct than yours - just different :)

For assists I have

Leto leading the team with 8 (6 in SL and 2 in EC)

I have Salpi and Kara second with 8 same as you (4 and 3)

I have Nini third with 6 (5+1)

Cisse with 5 (4+1) and Katsouranis also with 5 (5+0)

Spyropoulos with 4 (2+2)

Gilberto Christodoulopolos with 2 (2+0) and Roukavina, Kante also 2 (1+1)

Vintra, Marinos, GAbrierl, Simao, 1

Here is a little trivia:

Shots to the post or the crossbar (I mark those too in my database because I consider them a spectacular part of the game):

Cisse 6 :blink:

Katsouranis 4 :blink:

Salpigidis 2

Vintra, Gilberto, Karagounis, Kante, Sariegi 1

Penalties won:

Salpigidis 3

Ninis, Karagounis, Cisse 2

Vintra, Katsouranis, Simao, 1

Anyone else has interesting stats? Keep them coming. I will post final charts once the season is done.

I also have devised a funky way to determine player "value" over a whole season. It factors and favors minutes played, goals scored, assists given, penalties awarded, and young age for the curious: V=min*(goals+assists+penalties)/age

Cisse 2614 points

Katsouranis 1111

Leto 1033

Salpigidis 836

ninis 826

Vintra 515

Karagounis 490

Spyropoulos 188

Gilberto 172

Kante 121

Christodoulopoulos 93

Simao 88

Sariegi 59

Gabriel 48

Bjarsmyr 47

Marinos 25

Roukavina 21

Darlas 14

Petropoulos 4

I've been working on this formula for over ten years and I finally have it to a point where it reflects what I see on the pitch almost exactly. For starters I should say that Gilberto gets shafted because he hasn't scored and his age is high, but it also seems that the formula can give a good indication of market value where offensive and/or younger players have a higher value. Anyway, I am still working on it and as you see I haven't figured out a good way to assess goalkeepers since the goals they concede have to count as a penalty.

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interesting evaluation...i feel like it measures more offensive strength and worth than overal though...maybe for midfielders and defenders you can include something like steals, tackles, 50-50 balls won or something like that...its difficult bc your stats have to be really REALLY detailed but maybe there is a way you can balance offense with defense..for example, gilberto offesnively is not great but helps stir offense and covers defensively..maybe you can include "second assists" and "tackles" although it may not seem like it, cisse has won many loose balls and helps greatly in the overal defensive unit of the team with his high pressure and running so your stats may possibly remain somewhat the same, but equally include the defensive unit...

just a thought, but i really like your thinking for the rating...very clever..

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thanks pao123.

I have thought about counting defensive actions but it would mean me just jolting down numbers all game long.

I do want to enjoy watching the game so I won't turn it into a math exercise :P

If you thing about it, real market value (money each player costs) does favor offensive players, so I don't feel too guilty.

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i agree about the offense argument...but for me, next to cisse, vyntra may be my second choice for MVP of the season...he has been consistant and fantastic all year long, playing every position in the back, filling in whenever necessary, scoring important goals, playing with heart and always giving 110% on the pitch...unfortunately your eval has him below salpi, who in my opinion did not have as good of a season as vyntra..also, if both players were to be outright sold, i dont think salpis value wold be THAT much higher than vyntras...

another thing to note is that sometimes players dont reach their full potential until an older age...and in many occasions players value can be much higher later in their careers...

i also like to watch the games 2 sometimes 3 times...gives me a much better look at the tactics and make-up of the team...i get a much better view of the players strengths and weaknesses and the coachs ideas for the team when i rewatch the games and pay close attention to smaller details...(which is hard for me to do watching the game live bc im too busy going crazy.. :LOL: )

dont think im knocking your eval at all...i really like it, just some food for thought as you seem very interested in stats (i obviously am as well :D )

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Thank Pao123. I actually agree with you on Gilberto and Vintra.

I've been keeping stats since the late 70s! I was a teenager and liked to put an entire season overview onto a chart (made with straight edge and pen). I did it every year and I kept them as I moved around between towns and countries but eventually, in a moment of bad judgment when I was moving back to Greece in the mid 90's I threw them all away trying to save space in my boxes. I am still kicking myself for doing it, but such is life.

Anyway, now days Galanis keeps the official stats:


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Ah, re, Cyber... all that work. :P

I also used to pay more attention to stats but I dont any more. Also, I don't care to compare PAO's numbers to others, in the sense of bragging rights. Enjoying the game is more important.... Of course, when the team does better, I'm happier.

Even though I believe we deserved this season's title(s), but there's room for improvement. I'm much more hopeful now than I was in 2004... when we played 3 decent games only all season long!

If there was another team of PAO's caliber this season, we might not have won it, so there's got to be improvement next season.

There should be a honorable mention to the management in addition to the players. Seriously, for the first time in long memory, there wasn't a behind-the-scenes manipulation. The team was protected much more this season. Tzigger was a disaster for PAO.

I have the sense that Antoniou will leave. I hope Pateras remain prez.

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interesting rankings.....though I don't fully agree with the player values....for forwards and attacking midfielders yeah its relevant....but you can't rate Gilberto, Simao based on goals and asists alone..

Anyways, the MVP was Djibril Cisse this year, I dont consider that even remotely disputable.....


MVP: Djibril Cisse

Most Improved Player: Alexis Tzorvas, Lazaros with honorable mention


Least Valueable Player: fillipos Darlas

Most Declined player: Galinovic, Katsouranis with dis-honorable mention

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Congrats PAO. Greek football supremacy goes to Athens after 5 straight years in Piraeus. We can't win all of them. Enjoy it, PAO fans. Last season in OAKA was a memorable one.

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