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OK, that's two of us!

Where are the rest?  :huh:

be patient :P

i just joined and looks like plenty more did too! :tup:

Theres 6 now...

lol 6 now including you :P

there was three people when I signed up, 4 me,then my friend 5th and you were the 6th :P

It doesnt matter though, it should be fun.. I had a bad first day, I had Karagounis and some players from roma ;)

should do better tommow :P

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...and the results of Matchday one are in!

1 crazy's team 57

2 OSFP Troopers 54

2 Paxiotis 54

4 AEK Antrim 52

5 BayernMunich 50

6 The Number Tens 49

7 wonderboys 45

8 Green Team 35

The crazies are ahead but only barely so! Seven teams are within striking distance of 1st place! What will matchday 2 bring??? Join us here next matchday to find out and join our league, if you haven't done so already!

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