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  1. i am in as usual :) who is gonna do the honours and create it irish?
  2. peste katw....kala leei o fasoulas...
  3. after their last game for the regular season, AEK's players stated that they are not going to participate... one day after they say...let the youth team take charge of the playoffs... today...they put their heads down and work (if Demis wants to have a decent proffesional club...) o 8rylos to phre sta xartia kai h aek 8elei na to parei sto milhto...to 8elei o ribo kai o zikos leei...e enta3ei re paidia..an einai etsi...
  4. pe8ainw pe8ainwwwwwwwww :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. one thing is certain by comparing these two games... olympiakos in a bad night gets a draw, while pao gets 4... ok ok....besides this generalization which is meant to annoy my fellow pao fans, what really matters in the end is that we finally watched 2 great derbys with loads of goal opportunities and thanks to olympiakos many many goals than someone would expect... the only thing I expect from our team now is to try and be more serious in the Greek superleague in order to finish of this joke...if the team wants to win then it should have no difficulty to win the matches...(this is no ar
  6. 3-1 olympiakos win....stoltidis, galletti and darko the goals karagounis will equalize at 30th minute with a bicycle kick from the middle of the field....before realizing he has scored he will ask for a foul from the referee....
  7. well finally Belluschi is our player....i was afraid of this lasting rumour but fortunately he is ours! As for the rest we need a good central midfielder and central defender to take over julio cesar.....(this doesnt mean cesar is crap, but i cant stand watching some very very stupid mistakes he makes occasionally) Belluschi and Sisic both play right and left which means we got adequate cover for both R & L sides of the offence... thats all we need at the moment given that R.Bravo has 4 yrs of contract which means we dont have the chance to terminate his contract sometime soon...
  8. This is a very interesting topic for conversation. To be honest though I think that nowdays such affiliations are not very significant. In the past these affiliations were much more obvious when Olympiakos represented the working class of the port of Piraeus, whereas Panathinaikos represented the bourgeoisie of the city of Athens...I believe that today most clubs are multi-collective (if such word exist in english). Past affiliations are still apparent but they are not the norm...
  9. we are going to play well guys....we are not going to play the same way as against Veroia and the rest... i believe the players are fit enough and did not spend a lot of effort in saturday...that was obvious....and frustrating too... as long as we find open space in this match we will take it!!! dont forget the referee is english, which means some fouls will not be given...this is something which we need to be aware since the italians play hard defending.... if we need a result later in the game archubi should get in to replace one of the 3 DMs good luck thrule!!!
  10. i didnt see any pressure on sollied yesterday slick! they didnt even yell at the players...because they know that kokkalis has a great share of the failure...gate7 attacked Roma's bus for gods sake!!!!just because gate7 wanted what sollied wanted..a tie, and romans took the victory(wow...lets kill them!) people have faith in sollied...and it can last until the end of the season if things go fishy...
  11. people just take it easy!There is no manager issue in Olympiakos and there will not be! He might need to re-think his tactics with the current roster thats all the problem in greece is that there are NO teams to compete with Olympiakos and that makes the team to rely on the same players for yrs now......if any of the other losers would have a competitive team olympiakos would have changed his roster by now football is fun...if u r not greek:(
  12. possible line-up according to latest news is: ----------------------------Nikopolidis------------------------ Zevlakow--------Anatolakis---------Cesar------Georgatos -----------------Kafes-----------------Stoltidis--------------- Castillo--------------------Rivaldo----------------Djordjevic --------------------------Kostantinou------------------------- which means that marking in the middfield won't be good, but still the attacking line is on great form---inclusion of Rivaldo-Djole increases the control in the middfield but fast returns will be needed.... Kafes better prove himse
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