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  1. well finally Belluschi is our player....i was afraid of this lasting rumour but fortunately he is ours! As for the rest we need a good central midfielder and central defender to take over julio cesar.....(this doesnt mean cesar is crap, but i cant stand watching some very very stupid mistakes he makes occasionally) Belluschi and Sisic both play right and left which means we got adequate cover for both R & L sides of the offence... thats all we need at the moment given that R.Bravo has 4 yrs of contract which means we dont have the chance to terminate his contract sometime soon...
  2. Bravo sto Marko!A3izei ta sygxarhthria mas kai makari na exei analogh kai kaluterh poreia sto mellon... bravo tou kai gia thn epilogh ths kopelas tou...... :blink:
  3. LAZARE I only get this problem with tripod!!!They are complexikoi... anyway thanks for the speedy reply man
  4. Why when I post an image hosted from tripod, it changes to their logo: "image hosted by tripod"???????????????
  5. Amon??ARE YOU HERE 2 MAN?!!!!!! NICE TO C YOU
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