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  1. Would be great to see Aris win this game, your midfield could really take it to them
  2. Got demolished in the 3rd quarter, unaccetable
  3. That's an excellent piece - the behavior and actions of the clubs of late is silly, yes EPO got it wrong by deciding to put Greek reffs in charge of derbys in the last min but they realised and changed it and then look what happened... https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/hellas-footy-podcast-s3-episode-7/id1536595945?i=1000579318295 Hellas Football talks about this also in their podcast
  4. We will playing our next home hame there vs Ionikos!
  5. Bounced back with a 2-0 win over Pas Giannina, biggest test this season this Sunday against league leaders Panathinaikos
  6. I watched Asteras vs Olympiakos and they are very beatable if Aris plays a good game
  7. One steppers are always at huge risk of missing, add the fact the referee took forever to let him take the kick and that means even more chance of a poor kick. Aris was def better and should have won, I was very impressed with Bradley Mazikou, Bryan Dabo not so much
  8. Bloody hell... disaster again, last season was a slight glimps of hope but back to tragic situation, I think we could fall well past 20
  9. Of course, he was in hot form, standard to be injured for the Ethniki games but at least this time we have secured first place
  10. Alphonse


    Valid points all round Just in, talks with Caneda have stalled and you are now looking at... 40 year old Julio Velazquez with a very poor record... good god
  11. Alphonse


    Mitso,your thoughts on what Karapidis has done with this?
  12. What a bullshit call, where is VAR? Clear goal clear bullshit
  13. And just like that back to the usual s%$#!... poor performance at Rizoupoli in front of a packed house and lost 0-1 to Volos FC, seems to be our boggy team, the loss is a bitter pill to swallow for all fans after so much expecations of something decent this year. From what I have seen the 3-5-2 gets way to exposed at the back
  14. Yep, then you have the ones that are totally normal in person but put a keyboard in front of them, a username and they become an ultra hardcore keyboard warrior, seen come classic s%$#! in my time
  15. Hellas Football is run by a guy outside of the wierdos. Didn't know Oly World closed down, that was their new home but its been many years since I had last seen it, karma
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