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  1. Pitch i bad condition?? Not being biased but there has been no issue what so ever with the pitch not does it appear so.
  2. He is like nothing we have or even close to it, there is no doubt he needs to be picked, this is why I was pissed off he was not in the crap friendlies we had late last year to get integrated into the team, instead it will be the qualifiers were we wont have played with any of the Ethniki guys but never the less, he needs to be there 100%, we have needed someone like him for years now.
  3. No one is but for Infantino the m#$%!
  4. EPO have correctly come out and backed Poyet
  5. Yeah, Georgia has improved and has some good players, Kvaratskhelia tore us apart at Toumba were we were very bad but JVS had a brain snap that game and had Mavrias on at RB ?‍♂️
  6. What a news breaker... no one saw this coming, keen to see how Panetolikos progress with this
  7. 3-2 winners over Nottingham Forest! Kostas Kosotopoulos with the winner in the 86th min
  8. No chance for first Jimmy, we will be lucky to get a point off France, Holland who knows, keen to see more of them, but then their is the Rep Of Ireland also... thats a 50-50 too, gona be very hard
  9. A knee from the 1998 World Cup Thought I'd post this hear, some will remember this well, if you didn't know here you go - The Ethnikis 1998 World Cup Campaign
  10. Wasted couple of games by Poyet with his selections and line ups... Two games to try new things and we try our out of form players ?‍♂️ Alexandropoulos and Kyriakopoulos not given a decent chance is ridicoulos, some in form wingers not picked so we can see Mantalos and Masouras try play on the wing... Bouchalakis-Kourbelis combo we have seen a million times not work. We played Rota and Giannoulis in both games at R & LB... why not see what Kotsiras and Kyriakopoulos can do. Why do we keep calling up Papanikolaou and never give him game time Positives, we passed around quite well and were able to hold posession for some time but just couldn't trouble the Hungarian defence which didn't surprise me given how we set up so not sure what Poyet thought would work.
  11. Very nice play and finish, wouldn't that be something for the Ethniki vs Netherlands there in the qualifiers
  12. Another tragic season, the worst of them all of late, unbelivable
  13. Not sure what you were watching Blackhawk, Kosntantelias was outstanding and your best player by some way
  14. I agree, getting bit much with over three countries in bids now
  15. OFI's season just got even worse
  16. Ridicoulos final call by the reff but as soon as he went to the TV screen at Karaiskaki I knew he wouldn't give it
  17. Its happened the last 3-4 seasons... unberlivable!
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