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  1. Great result from the lads!
  2. Let’s see what JVS does… have a bad feeling he will start Stafylidis in central defence which of course would be a disaster
  3. He should be ok but we should know soon. Big test v an in form Aris coming up. Our attack is ok, our defence is still a big concern, in the last two games with Atromitos and Volos we were exposed early on, Volos was actually very unlucky to not open the scoring which could have changed things. Good test v Aris and keen to see if Giannikis keeps Mitoglou as a starter and Tzavellas on bench
  4. El Arabi had a good chance not long ago now Frankfurt starting to take some control 22nd min
  5. Im with you guys on the Siovas incident, he wasn’t been malicious at all and just how some experience can help guys like Svarnas (who let’s face it, could def learn a thing or two but should never have been there also) Siopis was simply dumped after that, JVS could have spoken with him instead of just dumping him, that’s what good people management is
  6. He didn’t hold his own for the Ethniki in his latter games mate, he was horrible and we actually lost games because the guy couldn’t make accurate passes, he along with some others had the chance to really do something special after 2014 and it was an appalling failure. His game deteriorated big time sadly
  7. Sadly Galanopoulos won’t be on the field for some time and when he is back we have to hope he does not get another injury
  8. There is certainly pros and cons to JVS and that also is what worries me, early on I was very excited with the football we played under him and how dynamic we were but then we failed in the Nations League in a group we should have won and now the inability to beat Georgia at home and Kosovo (again) has really put us in a hard place where I dont think we will qualify for Qatar, I knew this was never going to be easy but some key points that for me could see a new coach. 1. Our best players are not playing and they are the CB's who play and have played at the highest level. Everyone knows the trio I am talking about, they also brought with them incredible experience which we dont have and that cost us today and I believe in other matches too (look at the last time we beat Kosovo) 2. Game management - very poor, I am actually surprised how badly JVS has managed games this campaign and always leaving subs way too late to make a real impact/change. Subbing Masouras off today... he was really the one creating space and chances. 3. Player selection, even outside of point one, what is the obsession with Stafylidis, the guy is not at NT team level and got injured again even at camp, he would have started today and when he didnt start, he starts Tsimikas at CB, watch the lead up to the penalty Mavropanos gave away, Tsimikas should have covered that off, Giannoulis lost at CB also in the Kosovo game and Harris Mavrias against Georgia... we never played a RB at RB, only Baka at CAM, Pavlidis over Douvikas... I can only see this issues continuing under JVS and for me we need to do better than this as he never learns from his mistakes. In saying that I wouldn't be totally disappointed if he stays on as I think he has a great rapport with the players and we are playing a better brand of football but a team like the Ethniki needs its best players out there and I dont see that happening with JVS.
  9. Must be cause it's an Australian channel, for me it shows game highlights of the actual game
  10. Half time was our biggest enemy today but also not converting our chances in the first half, you could see in the second half we dropped a gear and Sweden got a little more into the game but geezzz, what a brain explosion by Mavropanos to literally give Sweden a goal like that at such a stage... We were shell shocked after that and have them another stupid/easy second goal, we were completely lost after that.. its devastating
  11. Pelkas was poor against Georgia (yeah despite the goal he nearly stuffed up), if he and Stafylidis are the two inclusions we will have a very hard time to win unless Pelkas plays very good
  12. As I thought the formation and limited attacking players it creates made it difficult to breakdown Georgia as we have struggled with similar type teams in the last. We should have been up 1-0 when their keeper carried the ball over the line but we had to wait for a very picky penalty. We march on but boy, JVS needs to learn he needs to make subs much earlier in the game
  13. Argirios Giannikis is the new coach, he had that great season with PAS Giannena last season
  14. As usual, the coach we have started with has been a failure and and such, Milojevic has agreed to take an offer from Saudi Arabia! We look for a new coach again, Manolo Jimenez and Georgios Donis the front runners
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