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  1. Well as expected Itandje is the first casualty. He is signing a 3-year deal with Rizaspor in Turkey. It is also being reported that Arnesen wants to give some of the younger players a chance to prove themselves. Here is my "12" Expired contracts: Itandje (already gone) Papadopoulos (as good as gone) Giakoumis (see no reason fro him to stay) Players still under contract Papagiannopoulos Maduro Martens (perhaps another loan until his contract expires) Tziolis Lucas (will be sold since he does not really want to play for PAOK) And the surprises: Rat Tzavell
  2. Not being able to hold a lead after scoring for more than 13 seconds is becoming troublesome. I also question Q's defensive experiments with rookies in such pivotal game. We desperately need a win in the next game before going back to Florida.
  3. Heard on radio today that Arnesen has decided to cut around 12 players from the current squad. The only three players whose contracts expire this summer are Itandje, Papadopoulos and Giakoumis. That means that the rest will have to agree to leave and receive some kind of compensation. So what players do you think we will wave goodbye to in the next few weeks? Will there be any surprises?
  4. The first thing that needs to be taken care of is hiring a new coach. According to latest rumors PAOK is linked to Argentinian Guillermo Barros Schelotto, who in the past has coached Boca Juniors, Columbus Crew and Gimnaasia La Plata. He is quite young (42 years), which I believe is what PAOK needs, but what worries me is the fact that he has no European experience.
  5. Correct, it's on Sportnet World Now, the streaming service of Sportnet. Same thing with ESPN. The game is on the streaming service ESPN3 and not on their regular TV channels.
  6. PAOK as we all know will start the European campaign on July 16. Here is the breakdown PAOK's possible road to the Group Stage of Europa League, which should once again be PAOK's goal: QUALIFYING GROUP 2 (66 teams) SEEDING: Currently seeded in 2nd place with 40.880 points DRAW: June 22, 2015 LEG 1: June 22, 2015 LEG 2: June 22, 2015 POSSIBLE CONFIRMED OPPONENTS: IFK Gotteborg ? Sweden * Wolfberger AC ? Austria * Inverness CT ? Scotland * Cherno More Varna ? Bulgaria * * - Depending on results in QR 1, some of the teams can move to the seeded group QU
  7. The game is on at 2:45 EDT on ESPN3 and WatchESPN in US. Sportnet World and Sportnet 360 in Canada. The Poland - Greece game will be in beIN Sport Connect in Australia.
  8. We will be seeded all the way to group stage. We should make it to the group stage, where most likely all the Greek teams will end up (maybe except Atromitos) anyway. The only bad thing is that we need to start so soon. This will negatively impact the planning for the regular season. We need to appoint a coach this week, start bringing in new players, and treat the initial European games as pre-season training matches. The first two rounds of EL should an easy affair. The playoff round might be tricky, but since we are seeded, we should be ok.
  9. Not bad getting the initial win and claiming the home advantage. The two games in Chicago will dictate if it is going to be a short series or not. We need to win both.
  10. The playoffs is the worst thing that Superleague came up with.
  11. Yeah Providence. My son is doing a summer program at Brown University. Thinking of checking out Cape Cod while in the area. I've been to Boston before, so it's not a must thing, but my wife would like to check it out since she has never visited the city. We'll see.
  12. You got my support my friend. B) I might even be in your neck of the woods at the end of July, as I will probably travel with my son to Rhode Island and hopefully have time to make a stop in Boston.
  13. Players not available: Kace, Rat, Konstantinidis, Golasa, Salpi, Noboa Looks like Mak and Klaus will once again play with pain killer injections. Good luck to Georgiadis getting a competitive lineup in this game. If he even cares at this point. I would go with this: ------------------- Itandje ------------------ Skondras - Vitor - Costa - Tzavellas Kitsiou --- Savvidis --- Tziolis -- Mak ------ Klaus -------- Papadopoulos -- For some players this will be the last game in PAOK's jersey
  14. I don't think they saw eye to eye since Vryzas tried to unload him to some Turkish team after one season with PAOK.
  15. vs MATCHUP: Asteras Tripolis - P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki COMPETITION: Superleague - Round 11 DATE: 07-June-2015 TIME: 20:30 GR (17:30 GMT, 12:30 CDT, 03:30 AEST next day) CITY / STADIUM: Tripoli ? Th. Kolokotronis Stadium (Capacity: 7,717) REFEREES: TELEVISION: Nova Sports (Greece), Sport Plus on tape delay (USA/Canada) Asteras Tripolis vs P.A.O.K. History 2014-2015: 3:0 - Attendance: 2,449 2013-2014: 1:0 - Attendance: 1,845 (play-offs) 2013-2014: 2:1 (Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 2,351 2012-2013: 1:2 (Athanasiadis, Katsouranis) - Attendance: 2,634 (
  16. No the captain can't fix problems, but he can raise the concerns. He, Salpi and Glykos as captains should have brought up the problems to everyone's attention. Nobody is bringing up the fact that there was a war between Vryzas and Anastasiadis from the start if not from the past two seasons. The hiring od Anastasiadis by Savvidis without having Vryzas step down first was a serious mistake.
  17. And I would say that if he was there from the beginning we would be in much better shape. There is a reason why the Vryzas clan did not want him on the team in any capacity.
  18. And if there are problems in the locker room, Klaus as a team captain should have come out earlier and address the situation. Perhaps we would have made a better showing in the playoffs. I think the first half of the season, we did well because the players were fresh and playing to their full potential. But even then Anastasiadis only used 13 to 14 core players in every game. We had no back up players. Once the injuries and fatigue stepped in we had no answers. The so-called "electro shock" by replacing the coach backfired as well. It probably made things worse.
  19. I think you might be right. After today's win I also think it will end in 5 games. Lightning came out blazing in the first period and got a lucky bounce that went in, but Hawks really put on some pressure in the 2nd and 3rd periods and eventually got rewarded with some good plays by Teravainen, and some key saves by Crawford to keep the team in the game.
  20. No money will fix anything if the PAOK organization does not plan things out. What good is it you bring in players such as Stoch, who tells the coach to F*** off, and the front office does not do anything about it. Same with Tzavellas, who attacked Anastasiadis, only to be benched for 2 months, and when the coach got sacked he was brought back in on the same day the coach left. No wonder there are problems in the locker room as Klaus said today. We don't need "star" players and pay them millions. We need solid players that are willing to work as a team.
  21. Klaus is also to be blamed for the pathetic showing by the team since December as well, but at least he feels for the team. The team has no plan, no vision, nothing. The players don't care, and the front office has not done anything to shake things up. Right now all they did so far is throw money at the problem by bringing in Arnesen, but without any organization and vision he will fail as well. Hopefully he will come in and restructures the team, but it will be tough. We will finish in last spot. There is no way we can get a win in Tripoli. That game is lost already. Mathematically we
  22. Salpi has been linked to Atromitos together with his buddy Papadopoulos.
  23. I agree. We should go after core players in the 25-29 year old range. Then have older players (Rat, Salpi, etc) and youngsters (20 something) as subs. Another thought about Garcia just occurred to me. I would not be surprised if he takes over the coaching duties of the U20 team, now that Ivic is leaving for Veroia. The more I think about it, I believe that's what will happen.
  24. Garcia is coming only to satisfy the fans and make them return to empty Toumba. He will probably take over the Iosifidis position on the team, although I would prefer that he (and Lino) act as scouters for talents from Uruguay and Brazil.
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