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  1. OK so I purchase Agona but its showing the wrong channel (ANT1). Which channel is showing the game?
  2. I think I'm going to get it through Agona Sport on my mobile phone (cell phone) and then cast it to my TV using my Chromecast.
  3. Do you have to pay to watch Epsilon? Also will I be able to watch it being based in the UK, or will I need to use a proxy?
  4. You can buy a Cypriot shirt straight from the manufacturers Macron, if anyone wants one. Home: https://www.macron.com/uk/en/cyprus-football-association-2018-19-adults-home-match-jersey-dfe5ee.html Away: https://www.macron.com/uk/en/cyprus-football-association-2018-19-adults-away-match-jersey-8c089b.html
  5. What happened to Karelis he came in to the team and scored on his debut but then seemed to go off the boil? Hopefully Donis will step up soon.
  6. Think I'm going to pay to watch a stream rather then messing around with the free streaming sites with all the annoying porn pop ups, low resolution and foreign commentary. What are the best ones to use?
  7. For the first time in a long time I actually feel excited about all the new players coming into the team. Hopefully we keep the momentum going and are hungry to beat Hungary. ??
  8. Maybe it could have worked but thats providing Fortunes saw him. However most strikers in that situation would have gone for goal and you can't really blame him for doing that.
  9. Here you go. Nice hightlights and good track! BTW for people thinking Fortunis should have squared his one on one, you can see from this he shouldn't and had to take on the chance himself. There was a defender in the way of the square pass and Pelkas was further behind him.
  10. Goal and rather crap highlights (doesn't show the Fortunis one on one).
  11. Damn nice save Estonia keeper. Followed up by "Worst Corner Ever" (in Comic Book Guy voice).
  12. Fortunis should have won the penalty instead of dodging the challenge.
  13. This one works. I'm sure theres just enough time for me to witness an Estonia equalizer. http://www.streamhd-24.com/stream.php?t=Flash&link=http://www.castlive.me/stream.php?id=483&id=240116
  14. We should be in Group B. There's some right old crap in that Group, teams that didn't even get within sniffing distance of qualifying for the World Cup.
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