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  1. Have I got time to go to the shops and get some beer, or by the time I come back will it be 1-0 Croatia and game over?
  2. Live score have now updated the lineup to the same one as Omonia printed. http://www.livescore.co.uk/soccer/world-cup/uefa-qualification-2-round/greece-vs-croatia/1-2654257/ Strange he's dropped Stafy and gone for Retsos? And also Fortounis for Bakesetas, can't say I've seen much of either of these.
  3. As long as we give it go I'll be happy. Just don't want us to come out flat and play defensive, like I can imagine Skibbe doing!
  4. Live score have posted this as our starting line-up (note they got it wrong in our previous game): _____________________________Karnezis Torosidis______Manolas_______________Socrates_________Tzavellas __________________Tziolis_____________________Zeca _____________Gianniotas_____Fortounis_______Lazaros _____________________________Mitroglou
  5. I am still trying to come to terms with the selection Skibbe made for the Croatia game. I looked on Live Score before the game started and the line-up they had there was loads better than the one we trotted out. Lazaros was in it and Maniatis definitely wasn't our RB, we were also playing a 4-4-1-1 formation on it too. How the hell Live Score got the line-up so wrong is weird? Unless Skibbe made some crazy last minute changes.
  6. I can see us winning this game. If we got an early goal who knows maybe the Impossible Dream........
  7. As bad as we played today (we gifted Croatia most of those goals), we did create chances. If we can sure up our defense on Sunday, bring Monolas in and actually play a proper RB. I think we should win the return leg. As crazy as it sounds I don't think this tie is as dead as people think. Croatia's defense is garbage and we need to just actually believe in ourselves and push forward. Impossible is Nothing!
  8. Go fook yourself, Come back when you actually have some silver wear, which will be never. Lets take a look at Croatias trophy cabinet!
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