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  1. How long is a dislocated shoulder likely to keep someone out for? I wouldn't really expect it to be that long, a month at most. Which means he could be back for the Faroe Islands game.
  2. Be nice if he did go, as currently there are no Greek players in the premiership. Looks like he did pick up an injury to his left arm in Leverkusen's last game: The Werkself were then forced to make their final change: Papadopoulos injured his left arm in a challenge and had to go off in great pain to be replaced by Tin Jedvaj on 64 minutes. Bellarabi got on the end of a clearance from Leno and he was through on goal but the referee awarded a free kick for an apparent foul on Miso Brecko. Hopefully he's OK!
  3. Sounds like he had an awful game today. His team lost 4-3 to Fulham and he let in two penalties and a 90th minute winner!
  4. Heard from someone on twitter that he has been injured again, has anyone any news?
  5. The trouble is they can score goals. We couldn't score in a brothel with a blank cheque in our hand! I'm not questioning that we aren't the better team, we are miles better than any of the dross in this group. But unfortunately as we have an inability to score goals we are at a distinct disadvantage even against crap like N.Ireland and the Faroe Islands. Where they need one or two chances to score we need 10! Until we can address that I can't see us sneaking away wins.
  6. Can't see us getting anything against N.Ireland.
  7. What did happen to that site? Without any warning someone just pulled the plug!
  8. Shame we didn't try and tap up Andros Townsend before he played for England.
  9. Bosnian defender Spahic has just had his contract terminated with immediate effect by Bayer for fighting. So I'm wondering if they will make a permanent move for Kyriakos as Liverpool and a few others seem to be sniffing around?
  10. I still think he has more to offer. I think we're see him in some capacity against Faroes. Hopefully starting if he's recovered from the bruised back injury that stopped him playing in the Hungary game.
  11. I'd say Samaras has to start if fit, also Mitroglou and depending on if we still require goals by the 60th minute throw on Karelis. Try out Aravidis in the Poland friendly.
  12. You can see brief highlights of this game and all our other qualifiers here: http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro/qualifiers/video/videoid=2229812.html?autoplay=true#latest
  13. For me he should have brought on Karelis. I've been pretty impressed with him when I've seen him play for us, however by all accounts his club football has been pretty poor recently, so i'm guessing that's what swayed Markarian from not bringing him on.
  14. It really is sickening that we are just one or two players short of a decent team. Why can't Mitroglou just pull his finger out and start playing well again? What happened to him that turned him into a shadow of his former self? I don't buy it was just an injury, it seems to be a more mental thing.
  15. I read on Al Hilal website that he has picked up a back injury (bad bruising) but did travel out to the Hungary game, presumably as moral support for the team.
  16. I'd like to see Samaras back in the side, providing he's fit.
  17. I think Markarian needs to line up a friendly or two against the likes of Iceland, Lithuania, Albania, Georgia or Kazakhstan. Try a few different attacking options out: Aravidis, Karelis, Gianniotas, Ninis. Also Markarian should instruct the strikers to shoot on sight of goal. Most other European teams do as chances are the keeper fumbles the odd shot and a lurking striker bundles it home. A lot of the time our players seem unwilling to take a shot and instead pass the ball when a shot is the best option. With regards the Hungary game I think it was unfortunate that Samaras and Mitroglou were injured as I think with their inclusion we'd have wrapped up 3 points.
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