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  1. Same old story we have loads of chances but can't score. Opposition has one shot and scores.
  2. Good stream with English commentry: http://www.day.to/watch/live/streaming/online/free/en-vivo/1/1091325/june-13-2015/faroe-islands-vs-greece-football-uefa-euro-2016-qualifying.html
  3. Lineup: 1 Karnezis(GK) 3 Stafylidis 4 Manolas 15 Torosidis© 19 Papastathopoulos 8 Kone 10 Christodoulopoulos 18 Fetfatzidis 22 Samaris 9 Mitroglou 14 Karelis http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro/qualifiers/season=2016/matches/live/index.html?day=6&session=2&match=2013958 I'm so happy to see us playing with two strikers and especially Karelis starting.
  4. I'm so gutted my broadband has gone down so I will probably miss the game. Unless I want to try and watch a stream on 4g.
  5. Even if we win, a Hungary win against Finland pretty much ends our chances. They'd be on 11 and us on 5 with 4 games to go! We need a small miracle to occur to qualify.
  6. So the Faroe's are looking to do the double over us: http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro/qualifiers/season=2016/matches/round=2000446/match=2013958/prematch/background/index.html I hope to god this doesn't become a reality!
  7. Well that is my opinion and I'm sticking with it. No one has stepped up to the mark since Samaras has been injured/ dropped. Fetfatzidis and Ninis both to light weight. Lazaros not skillful enough, Kone not consistent. If Samaras is fit we'd be crazy not to play him.
  8. Hopefully Karelis will get the nod upfront, I'd also like to see Samaras on the team, something like _______________________Karnezis Torsidis______Manolas____________Papastathopoulos_____Stafylidis Fetfatzidis____Samaris______________Tachtsidis_________Samaras ________________Karelis_______Mitroglou
  9. What a let down, the game was over after 15 minutes.
  10. Good luck to Dimi, the match kicks off in an hour and a half!
  11. If Karnezis is injured for the game Glykos should start with Konstantopoulos as backup.
  12. Has just scored for Roma. A bit of a scrappy goal, toe poked passed the keeper (Karnezis). Loads of Greeks on display in this game. Torosidis, Manolas, Holebas, Karnezis, Kone. Good stuff. Wow Holebas just hit the cross bar!
  13. Moras has been heavily involved in today's game, which is just into the second half. He was manhandled to the ground when Empoli scored but then scored a nice goal for Verona with a header. 1-1. Link to the game, which is just into the second half: http://iraqgoals.in/?watch/345974/2/watch-hellas-verona-vs-empoli.html#.VVicCDY4mko
  14. Final will be Middlesborough vs Norwich on Monday 25th. Hopefully Dimi can help guide his team into the Premiership.
  15. Here's the match report: http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/32636569
  16. Done his back in just before the Faroe Islands game.
  17. I'd love to know how many assists he's actually got, I may go through all 81 of his games and cross reference them with youtube highlights to check, maybe when I next do a nightshift at work. As it was I literally went through the first five games he played where we'd scored to find a discrepancy. But yeah he has always given his all and even English commentators (who usually treat us with the utmost contempt), comment on how he's our match winner. He may have slowed down in recent years but honestly I don't see we have a natural replacement for him yet, and if we need to score goals against Faroes we'd be foolish not to play him.
  18. In that case check here: http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro/season=2008/matches/round=2241/match=83886/postmatch/report/index.html He definately has not been credited for this assist on that website.
  19. To prove that site transfermarkt is BS I did a quick Google and discovered Samaras got an assist against. Bosnia (3-1 loss in 2013) which wasn't in their stats, I'm sure there's many more:
  20. I'd dispute that 9 assists stat it sounds like bs to me. As for Samaras, depressingly I've watched many of our games where he has been the ONLY attacking threat, upfront with a stationary Gekas and an ineffectual Salpingidis. He has literally been our talisman over the years and his performances have been the difference between us winning or losing. I'm not sure how people can't see that?
  21. K. Papadopoulos is injured for 3 months with a dislocated shoulder, probable replacement Tachtsidis or Katsouranis!
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