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  1. That's it then, we are so incapable of scoring the only thing else that will happen in this game is Finland may score again.
  2. Haven't seen Mitroglou's name mentioned once on here has he been a bystander?
  3. Surely by the law of averages we're get another one on target soon.
  4. I guess the manager has just told them to shoot on sight. Makes a change as we usually have so few shots.
  5. Faroes have equalised against N.Ireland! If that's not motivation for our players F*** knows what is!
  6. Not watching the game. But I have a strong feeling Finland will score first.
  7. Yeah weird isn't it! Streaming links: http://www.atdhe24.net/live_streams/live/2015-sep-03/cyprus-vs-wales-1267999.html
  8. I really hope they get a result against Wales. It'd be brilliant if they can qualify following Greece's recent demise.
  9. If he doesn't sign with someone before then I'd say his career is dead.
  10. Can Samaras still sign with a club even though the transfer deadline has closed? I think perhaps yes as he's a free agent, but can someone confirm?
  11. We didn't get to keep it, the same trophy is used in each tournament.
  12. I pray that we can just reclaim some dignity and get a win here, I don't care how the goal comes penalty, own goal, ball cannoning off the back of Samaris's head. I've seen enough games this campaign where we've dominated and come away with jack.
  13. Someone needs to update wikipedia then.
  14. So is Markarian still our Manager or will Tsanas be taking charge for our next game?
  15. If they make it to the Premier League and that's a big IF as they are so shite!
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