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  1. Watched this game, from the second goal on-wards, we pretty much stopped trying to attack. It's like we just seem to do the bare minimum to win a game, that's why you'll never see us produce a big score line. However once Holebas was brought on he desperately tried to inject a bit of fire into our attack. Personally I'd like to see him get a start in a Left Midfield position against Estonia. All in all had pretty much mixed feelings towards this game couldn't be too happy about a win as I'd also like Cyprus to qualify. But in the present climate a win is golden.
  2. Bagged another goal today in his teams 2-1 loss to Bristol City. 4th of the season!
  3. Notts Forrest got stuffed 4-0 by Arsenal last night, thankfully Vellios only had to endure the last 10 minutes of the shitfest after coming on as a sub.
  4. Working tonight so I doubt I'll get much chance to watch the game but for others you can usually find a good link here, there's 5 links at the moment but I'm guessing this will increase nearer kick off: http://live2all.me/soccer/
  5. Wow can't believe it we won! Just gutted the only time I have a really good stream and we manage to win, I can't watch most of the game because im commuting home. Still last two games wins vs Australia and Holland, can't be bad!
  6. Glad Holebas has finally been freed from defensive duties, he was always such a liability there.
  7. Middlesborough have a cup game tomorrow, the general consensus is that Dimi will get the number one spot. So Middlesborough will have played three different keepers in their first three games.
  8. Valdes picked up an injury so Middlesborough instead of playing Dimi played Guzman, who went on to spill a shot and allow Sunderland to grab a goal. Middlesborough managed to win 2-1 though. Can't believe Dimi is being treated so badly, going from 1st choice keeper to 3rd. Beggars belief!
  9. Dimi dropped for Boro's new signing Valdes. Despite him getting 17 clean sheets last season. Disgusting. Valdes managed to let in Boro's opponents only shot on target. Final score 1-1. I think that's called Karma!
  10. https://rowzfootball.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/greece-the-impact-of-the-economic-crisis-on-football/
  11. Bananas don't worry he's already made up his mind and no amount of pointing out facts will sway him.
  12. No but you can check historical records of the Olympic games during the Great Depression (not worth checking the World Cup as the US national team was a joke in those days): 1938 Germany topped the medals table, the last time the US didn't top the table was 1908! Then you have this written about the 1932 Olympics: The 1932 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the X Olympiad, was a major worldwide multi-athletic event which was celebrated in 1932 in Los Angeles, California, United States. No other cities made a bid to host these Olympics. Held during the Great Depression, many nations and athletes were unable to pay for the trip to Los Angeles. Fewer than half the participants of the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam returned to compete in 1932. Even U.S. President Herbert Hoover skipped the event. So you can see the effect the Great Depression had on sporting prowess. What was happening in Greece was no different, it leads to a feeling of apathy and hopelessness hardly attributes which your going to be able to mold a world beating side from. War on foreign soils is a different animal, compared to recession, as it doesn't tend to effect the pockets and morale of a nation. If you can barely afford to feed your children why would you care whats happening in a sport.
  13. I think we may have turned a corner, we looked pretty good during the two Australia games. For the first time in a long time I feel slightly hopeful.
  14. War (especially the Falklands war, which was over a tiny island many miles from Argentina) is slightly different to what was happening in Greece i.e 50% youth unemployment, family's struggling to feed their children. When society is in a situation where there seems like there is no hope OF COURSE it has an effect on the national team, they cannot be immune to what is happening (after all it was effecting their friends and family and also them directly by all accounts). You could see it in the way the players were holding themselves in those games, Mitrolglou looked like he was a condemned man, there was little to no communication or effort between the players etc. I don't recall America losing the Vietnam war having an adverse effect on the countries performances in competitions. But I would imagine if a problem on the magnitude of the Great Depression was to befall the US again, things would be very very different.
  15. I remember you were actually one of the ones who rubbished it at the time. Shows how much you understand players psyche really. Have you ever played a competitive sport besides trolling?
  16. Yeah agreed. The level of some of the countries at this tournament is pretty dire. BTW I was speaking to my family in Greece the other day and they mentioned that the reason they thought the team did so badly during the qualifiers was as a direct result to what was going on in the country i.e mass unemployment, economic hardship, Grexit etc, they also mentioned that a lot of players were without salary during this time. All these factors, plus the added injuries, clueless manager contributed to team very low in morale and it showed with their performances. When I presented this theory on here (or Greeksoccer) a while back, it was rubbished!
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