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  1. I suppose the big question now.is who do we want in the playoffs? I'd be pretty happy with Slovakia!
  2. Watching the game now. Slovenia definitely the better team and pretty much having constant possession. Let's hope Scotland don't get a lucky winner.
  3. Actually I think our most likely route will be Republic of Ireland beating or drawing with Wales. Both these teams can still qualify and I think Wales are just a one man team (Gareth Bale).
  4. Mantolas should have scored that final chance where he was in acres of space! Alot of silly suspensions picked up at the end. Samaris, Donis and Manolas now all suspended for Gibraltar game. Glad we managed the win though, was beginning to think we'd let a silly goal in in the last few minutes.
  5. Sweet managed to get a crystal clear stream using the Mobdro Android app and watching Sport Klub 1 a Croatian TV channel, lol.
  6. Watching Greece fail has been a regular occurrence for me (barring 2004), you just have to learn to live with it. We aren't a power house of European football and don't have the cash to support grass routes football like other countries. Not to mention not many of our players play for big European teams. Its unfortunate that we do lack the killer edge in front of goal as I have watched countless games where we have clearly been the better side and any other team given the same amount of chances would have comfortably won. I honestly thought when Mitroglou came along we had found the player we so clearly lack but after his mini break down during WC 2014 he's never been the same player, except barring glimpses. We also seem to be extremely unlucky with the amount of injuries our players pick up! Maybe Andreas Bouchalakis from Notts Forrest can play apart in future games, he seems to be able to score and create chances.
  7. Seems like the Dortmund bus was targeted and damaged in three explosions. One player (Marc Bartra) was injured. No word if it was targeted by terrorists or some nut case football hooligans?
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