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  1. Gj Greece so gutted Mitro didn't get his hatrick especially when his last shot was blocked, pretty sure that would of gone in! Roll on the draw. Denmark or N.Ireland would be nice!
  2. Thankgod for that I was starting to try and work out what would happen if we draw and Bosnia win.
  3. Lol that won't happen. Then again watching Stafys shoot I can see why they only want the strikers to shoot! He sliced it so it was going miles wide it then deflected off a defender and still went wide. Mitro looked at him as if to say wtf are you smoking???
  4. Why won't our players shoot from outside the box? It's like they are trying to pass it to designated goalscorers rather than having a crack themselves.
  5. What happened to Maniatis? I think i'd prefer him playing DM over Tziolis.
  6. I know its a little early, but if we do qualify which teams could we be drawn against, bearing in mind we're unseeded? Also when is the draw? If we can draw N.Ireland I'd dearly love that as we owe them payback.
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