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  1. I'm surprised FIFA can't work out a reason to ban Mitroglou as well, so we have it even tougher. A-holes.
  2. If the EPO have called up another player does that must mean that he is going to miss at least the first game.
  3. This is the best documentary I've ever seen on the Greek national team. It's about our disasterous 1994 world cup campaign led by Alketas Panagoulias. I haven't seen it since 1994 when it was made and was really surprised to find it just now. Warning it will probably make you cry as it's so brutal. Really shows you what a shower of shite the EPO are. Scroll about half way down and you'll see the video. (This was originally a BBC documentary by Keith Allen but this version has been re-versioned into Greek). World Cup Hellas: http://www.bigsoccer.com/threads/argentina-x-greece-1994.1258452/
  4. Unfortunately I have to agree. That's a damn shame about Manolas, the odds against us are really starting to stack up! I guess we are very lucky we do have three outstanding centre backs though.
  5. Well there is potentially a video that exists with Trump and a group of Russian prostitutes, it'd certainly explain his reluctance to bad mouth the Russians.
  6. Love the way a Greek can potentially bring down the US presidency! https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/11/george-papadopoulos-donald-trump
  7. Well hopefully history is going to repeat itself, in 2004 we had a team of bench warmers and journeymen. Lets just hope good organisation and team spirit serves us well again now.
  8. We have Andreas Bouchalakis at Nottingham Forrest who scored 2 and setup one on his debut but since then he's pretty much been riding the bench.
  9. We have players playing in Saudi Arabia in the NT, I'd consider the Turkish 2nd division a step up.
  10. I'm thinking we might draft in Maniatis at RB if Torosidis is injured. Not sure how Samaras is doing these days but if he is even half the player he used to be he's surely worth a shot (even as a substitute) in seemingly decimated midfield.
  11. So who the hell are we going to play in CM if they're all shite? Or shall we just do what we normally do and don't bother with a midfield!
  12. At the end of the day we're a team that rises to the big games. Croatia doesn't, they flatter to deceive and always get beaten when they play anyone half decent. Its so annoying that our team seems to be made of glass when it comes to injuries! Why the hell can't Tziolis get injured instead of important players like Manolas and Donis!
  13. I'm quite happy with this draw. I'd place Croatia as the third strongest team we could have drawn. Italy strongest followed by the Swiss, Croatians and then weakest as Denmark.
  14. I can see us drawing Italy, I hope I'm wrong! BTW for anyone wondering the Playoff draw is on the 17th October.
  15. i gave up on these rankings long a go. My bet USA will be above us, even though they didn't qualify for the WC they were able to beat Guam and Guatemala in a friendly.
  16. Don't think so, I think they just draw them randomly from two pots. Just checked this video (previous World Cup playoff draw): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zxpXVw7fUM They draw from two pots and place the balls in a third pot and then draw from there to see who will be the home team and who the away, for the first leg.
  17. Ok so I just checked and we can draw the following: Switzerland (seeded) Italy (seeded) Denmark (seeded) Croatia (seeded) Barring Italy we shouldn't be scared of any of those tbh. Holland is out.
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