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  1. 60% possession and 2 shots on target in 93 minutes,. says it all really. Finland were worse than shite! Unfortunately we just lack aggression and the know how to constuct a goal or even an attempt on goal. The coach needs to tell the players to stop with the endless back passes and also get someone who can take on and beat a player.
  2. Fortunis just tried the little flick and run around the back of his player. Unfortunately he ended up bumping into him. If one of our players could do that move we'd be deadly.
  3. Shame we don't have anyone who can take on and beat his man. If we did we'd be lethal.
  4. Stay on side FFS. Finland look like a Sunday League team, we should be winning 3-0 by now.
  5. At last. Own goal, lol But see how easy it is to score, a good cross and a good header and bang 1-0. Why can't we do simple things like that more often?
  6. Hmm might actually be worth paying agona to stream this game... Btw my prediction is a 1-0 win, a bridge too far I'm afraid.
  7. Our only saving grace from this hole debacle, is that we do still have a chance of qualifying for the Euro's. So best to just sack Skibbe and move on. Maybe its a blessing in disguise.
  8. Watched the second half of this game. Shame Greece can't emulate the same defensive display as this and we'd still be in with a shout of winning the league. Demetriou basically sacrificed himself at the end by bringing down a Slovenian player who had a break on. Strangely he tried to argue it but if was definitely a straight red. ?
  9. As predicted we've been unable to capitalise on our possesion as we don't know how to score and have minimal attempts on goal. Why not play with two strikers FFS? When are we going to start cheating and play some black naturalised players?
  10. Unfortunately I don't share your optimism, when we play teams we should easily beat we make a massive meal out of scoring. Strangely when we play teams we should lose to, that's when we become more clinical.
  11. I'm talking about when we go a goal down. We need to put two strikers on. If we continue with our current setup we've got zero chance of scoring two goals.
  12. I see Karelis was on the bench for the Hungary game, so presumably he must be fit enough to play. How about giving him a run out together with Mitroglou, if we're chasing a goal.
  13. I'm sad to say but I think it's highly likely we're lose to Finland on Monday. We just can't turn our possession into goals.
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