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  1. Link: http://cdn.freesport.me/live/stream.php?t=Flash&link=http://streamhd247.live/football28.htm&id=33363&w=https://iraqgoals.in/
  2. We're incapable of putting a team to the sword, always have been, always will.
  3. Not great but if you.can get passed the pop ups and no audio you can watch it: https://iraqgoals.in/
  4. Greece with 81% possession, 21 attempts on goal and only 2 scored. We are so lame in front of goal.
  5. http://cdn.freesport.me/live/stream.php?t=Flash&id=32482&link=https://sportsway.net/play010.html&num=17 Not a bad link if you have a pop up blocker and can get it full screen.
  6. Unfortunately it means nothing and its laughable that we've scrapped a win against a country that didnt even have a team a few years ago.
  7. We just had a shot saved, according to the crappy Tracker im watching.
  8. Come on, we know how this is going to playout, expect Slovenia to score anytime soon.
  9. I've gone to this link (admittedly I'm not based in Canada) but how do you find live games on it?
  10. The UK government have announced that people returning from Spain must now quarantine for 2 weeks. Cue loads of bitching holidaymakers crying that they will now lose money as they can't work when they get back home, well you're the dumbarse who decided to take a holiday abroad during a global pandemic! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53541503
  11. People are selfish though. If WHO were honest and told people that an N95 or three ply mask is sufficent to stop the wearer getting the virus most would wear them. Theres also a small chance you can get the virus through the eyes but I doubt many would wear goggles as well! BTW China is now having a second wave after reducing lockdown restrictions, its only a matter of time before the UK follows. Especially as we've now re-opened most non-essential shops, including massive shopping centres (malls).
  12. Hardly anyone in the UK wears mask, though now we're being told we have to wear them on the Underground. The main reason people don't wear them is thanks to WHO saying that masks don't work outside a clinical setting and also that they only protect the wearer from giving the virus to other people. Which is complete ball sh*t as it does protect the wearer from getting the virus too. Afterall the virus's transmission route is via the mucous membrane, so if this is sufficently covered by a mask the wearer is more or less protected. Also why do people think Drs and Nurses are wearing them in Covid wards? To stop them given the patients the virus!!?? They only released this 'miss-information' to stop people buying up all the masks and exhausting supplies for medical professionals.
  13. At least they attempt too, on this chart for the UK it just says N/A: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?utm_campaign=homeAdvegas1?" \l "countries
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