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  1. Reading between the lines. There's obviously been a falling out between the coach, Torosidis and more than likely Manolas too, which why he was inexplicably dropped.
  2. Santos we have no chance of getting back. Rehhgel hasn't coached since he took over Hertha Berlin for a handful of games just after he won the Euros with us.
  3. Same old story we can't score for s%$#!. 17 shots, 70% possession and only managed to score twice. Is Otto Reheggal still alive, can we get him back?
  4. Google has our correct formation: https://www.google.com/search?q=greece+vs+armenia&rlz=1C1GCEA_enGB844GB844&oq=greece+vs+armenia&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60l3j0l2.5215j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#sie=m;/g/11fhvfr2xn;2;/m/0zdsnbj;dt;fp;1;; Can't believe we're actually playing with a striker, surely this must be some kind of mistake, that's even less believable than the Live Score line-up!
  5. Check out how Live Score has us lining up. Funny thing is this is probably true! https://www.livescore.co.uk/soccer/euro/qualification-group-j/greece-vs-armenia/1-2941967/
  6. Anything other than three points and we can kiss qualification goodbye. Agona Sports have given me a free pass to watch this game as compensation for my last stream stuttering. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch it as I'll be travelling home, I'm gonna request a pass for the following game (Finland away), hopefully we're still have something to play for!
  7. If we don't get three points on Wednesday, I think we can kiss qualification goodbye.
  8. Took me the same too. What a joke we were I only watched the first half. Mainly as I'd given up after that but also my Agnoa Sport stream kept freezing in the second half every two minutes. In the end I switched to the Cyprus game but that was doing the same (I've requested a refund). My Cypriot friend who watched the first half was saying. The Greek team has everything a Football team should have tall strong players but there doesn't seem to be any team play between them. They're was a separation between the defense and midfield, unlike the Italians who were moving and passing fluidly. I didn't get a chance to sit and watch the game until Italy started knocking them in. We just seemed all at sea, without a game plan. For one of the goals Samaris tried a clumsy challenge and once he was beaten no one was covering (God knows where Zeca was) and the player had aches of space to move up and take his shot. Poor defending for that and, actually all of the goals! The one thing that our team was known for, having a solid defense seems to have deserted us. But when the team lines-up without a striker and a midfield that seems to operate as a separate entity to the defense, what chance have we got?
  9. I gave up trying to get it working through the fire stick. Mainly because I realised my laptop has a HDMI socket on it, so happy days! Does anyone know if the Agona Sport link has commentary?
  10. I'm going to get the game from Agona Sport. Does anyone know if you can input the link into a browser on an Amazon Fire Stick and then watch the game on a TV rather than a laptop?
  11. Are Donis and Mitroglou both injured? Do we have any other strikers? I can see us playing a 5-5-0 lineup!
  12. Shame Mavropanis can't stay fit, maybe he could be developed into a RB.
  13. Whats happened to Torosidis? Is he just too old now, injured or out of favour?
  14. So will Manolas be healthy for the Italy game? I'm hoping Sokratis is fit and just didn't play as he played in the Europa League final. Also I'd like to see Stafylidis play in the LB role.
  15. I haven't got a problem that one side won by a small margin, I do have a problem that one side consistently cheated by over spending, targeting the easily manipulated with lies and falsehoods and the scum bags even continued campaigning after Jo Cox was murdered by a Racist Leaver, even though where they were specifically told to cease. They broke all kinds of Electoral Laws The outcome of the referendum once they released what the Leave campaign had done should have been voided and re-ran. Simple.
  16. All Brexit is, is the rich manipulating ignorant and racist people to vote to make themselves poorer. The Brexit charge was led by Boris Johnson (born Ironically from a Turkish immigrant father) and obviously an opportunist who will say and do anything (even contradict himself) to get into Number 10, Nigel Farrage (a vile Racist) and Jacob Rees Mogg a disaster Capitalist who is just looking to enrich himself out of Brexit and has already moved his fortune to Rep of Ireland in order to avoid the effects a Hard Brexit will have on it and to avoid the EU's Anti Tax Avoidance Directive which came into effect at the beginning of 2019. Not to mention the Leave campaign blatantly lied and manipulated the stupid on Facebook by printing misstruths perpetuated by Cambridge Analytica. The poor saps who voted for it are just like turkeys wishing for Christmas and the country is already starting to see the effect this is happening with the Nissan not building the X-Trail in Sunderland, the Honda plant closing in Sheffield etc. Yeah they've came out and said its not because of Brexit but any idiot can read between the lines and see it is. The Nissan X-Trail and Honda's will now be built in Japan, who incidentally recently signed a Trade Agreement with the EU so no import tariffs will be imposed! My industry (TV Broadcast Industry) has been virtually destroyed by Brexit, and it hasn't actually happened yet! All TV channels which broadcast from the UK but which air in the EU (and trust me there's loads) will now have to broadcast from the EU in order to get the correct operating licence. So loads of channels in London are having to be either relocated to the EU or put in the Cloud and monitored remotely within the EU. This is effecting jobs massively and I already know of four companies which have gone or are in the process of moving channels to the EU (Discovery, Babcock, Arqiva and Encompass). I have a friend who works at Arqiva and the guy is in a depressed state and about to lose his job, in his own words "I bloody hate Brexit, every time I think about it I get in a bad mood, it's getting to me". I pointed this out to a Brexiteer on Twitter and he told me I was lying, the Muppet! That's the level of understanding you're dealing with, with Brexiteers they are so blinded by what they want, that if you try and point out what the consequences of it are (even if it has already happened) they won't believe you. They have the same mentality as Holocaust Deniers! I'm almost of the point now where I think yeah let the F***ers make themselves poor and have what they voted for. Which will ultimately be the devaluation of the pound (even more), and a massive increase in the cost of living (as the UK imports most goods) and the loss of jobs (as Corporations scramble to relocate to within the EU).
  17. Is it me or are these tables wrong for Cyprus' group? https://www.skysports.com/euro-2020-table https://www.livescore.co.uk/euro/qualification-group-i/ I'd say that we were second as our goal difference is better than Russia. We've only let in two goals while Russia have let in three. Also our goal difference is also obviously better than Kazakhstan who have only scored three goals and have let in 4.
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