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  1. The UK at first was only reporting Covid 19 deaths in hospitals and not ones in Care Homes or people who died at home. Totally fudging them to keep them below a 1000 deaths a day. If you add them we were peaking at about 1200 deaths a day. Still the UK government figures are totally different to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The government has our death toll at 38,161, the ONS has it at 41,220.
  2. Well the UK is going to be re-opening schools as of next week for some children. Reception (4 to 5 year olds), Year 1 (5-6 year olds) and Year 6 (10-11 year olds). I think alot of parents will keep their children off though as we're still seeing about 300 to 500 deaths a day, apart from at the Weekends when no one is on hand to tally the figures properly. News channels here have showed a govenrment video of Reception aged kids modelling social distancing but even they couldn't get it right! The kids were just naturally grivitating towards each other. Its going to be carnage when they all go back. I've got no clue how they intend for parents to collect the kids and social distance from each other?
  3. Actually as an update to this my brother has pointed out that these guidelines, which have gone viral on facebook. Have been fact checked and they're actaully Irlelands lockdown easing plans and not the UKs.
  4. Yeah I agree its mental he's thinking of doing this, it's going to definately lead to a second wave, but it's all led by money and the evil bastard Dominc Cummings and his cronies. My colleage at work has a break down of how Boris Jonhson is proposing the UK comes out of lockdown. Theres 5 Phases. Phase 1 he wants to start on May 18th. Phase 1: Construction workers can go back to work (unofficially they already have), landscape gardeners and other outdoor workers. Garden Centres, repair shops and hardware stores can re-open. Fitness & Sports activities (non contact) in small groups (max 4 people) may resume (golf included). People may meet with friends and family in small groups outdoors (4 people). The majority of regular health services will resume. Outdoor public amenities and tourism sites may open (beaches and mountian walks). Social distancing guidelines to remain.
  5. The UK now has the most deaths in the World barring the US. Our scientists have also worked out that the virus effects BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) more than others. So a lot of Doctors and Nurses from these backgrounds are dying in the NHS (National Health Service) over others. The UK still isn't doing any screening or quarantining at airports so infected people are still streaming into the country. Also our scientists are still refusing to recommend people wear masks, mainly because there’s a massive shortage in them so if they do the Government are scared they won't be able to get them for the NHS. But instead of just being honest they keep telling people that masks don't work outside a clinical environment. Because yeah that makes absolute sense, they only work if you're a Doctor or Nurse in a hospital!!! With regards mortality, Italy had about a 7% death rate out of people who caught Covid-19. The Uk doesn't publish how many people have recovered so you can't work out their rate. In the UK if you end up on a vetilator your chances of living are very slim. One hospital up north was celebrating the other day because their first patient had come off a venilator, they'd been ommiting people for a month and a half, so god knows how many had died.
  6. Can't read it unfortunately. But I have read that alot of Doctors are not attributing deaths to Covid-19 even though its obvious its the cause and there putting soemthing else down. Theres talk of the UK relaxing lockdown, which personally I think is crazy as we have the second highest daily death rates atm. If I was in charge, I'd wait until death rates and infection rates were the same as New Zealand before going down that route. BTW it now looks like the UK won't leapfrog Italy today, but it will happen very soon.
  7. Trump and Johnson diefinately have alot to answer for in their shocking handling of the siutation. The UK is set to overtake Italy's death toll tomorrow.
  8. By my calculations the UK will overtake Italy and become the country with the most Covid-19 deaths barring America. Only now are we considering making the population wear masks and also screening people at airports. Every step of the way we have been massively behind the curve of how others are combating the virus. Truly pathetic.
  9. I'm sure you'd change you mind if you were hooked up to a ventilator gasping for breath!
  10. Johnson and Johnson a pharmaceutical company are saying they've already developed a vaccine they just need to wait 5 months before they finish testing it. I honestly think forget that just start giving it to people who are dying in the Covid-19 wards ASAP, after all what have they got to lose? And yes I don't like quoting Trump on this but.... https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-johnson-johnson-vows-to-make-not-for-profit-vaccine-11966292
  11. I'm based in London and its getting bad here. I envisage the UK overtaking Italy and Spain with its number of deaths, very soon. I think we're peak at 1500 deaths a day. Mainly because our lunatic government instead of following the World Health Organisations and pretty much everyone elses advise to lockdown, test and trace, decided to go with the Herd Immunity model (I think the US also went with this idea to begin with). For a month or so we did nothing and the only advice was to wash your hands and catch and bin a sneeze in a tissue. Our Prime Minister and his two crazy Medical and Scientific Advisors actively wanted 60% of the population to get Covid-19 so we'd build up a Herd Immunity to the virus, any fool could see it was playing a deadly game of Russian roulette as Covid-19 has a mortality rate of 1 to 3%: 60% of the UK population is 39.6 million and 1% of that is 396,000 so that’s roughly how many would have died. It took the Royal Colleague of London to point this out to Boris Johnsons two muppet advisors before they finally saw sense and went into lock down, unfortunately the damage was already done and Covid-19 had spread massively into the population. To top it all now Boris and one of the advisors has Covid-19 so, so much for their expert advice. Things will get very grim soon and I can see the NHS getting to the point of collapse as they are so massively underfunded, civil unrest is already starting to brew. I'm a keyworker so have to work through this nightmare, driving in you can feel the tension people driving like lunatics, smashed up cars littering the streets. In Shepherds Bush where I work gangs have been looting our local supermarket for weeks and last night one of them stabbed a security guard. In certain areas many arn't bothering to stay at home or social distance and often cram into parks or high streets. I think the Governement will have to get the army out on the streets soon to try and get some order. I
  12. I can't remember that tournament, I think it was so traumatic my brain erased it from my memory.
  13. Ah right, thats the other tournament we balleds up.
  14. So what does coming third get you? I thought it was nothing but the commentator in England's game against Kosovo was saying Kosovo still have a chance to make the playoffs (they're currently third and have no way of getting second).
  15. Cyprus showing us how to do it, they've had 17 shots on target and are up 2 nil against San Marino. San Marino have had 0 shots.
  16. Your kidding yourself if you think we're capable of beating Finland twice! Agona Sport have given me free credit to watch the Finland game in September, which is the only reason I'm going to watch. I imagine its going to be at least a 2-0 loss.
  17. If he has to be dragged out propped up by a zimmer frame, I don't care! What better than a nearly dead man resurrecting us!
  18. Sorry for the double post but this article sums things up nicely. http://www.ekathimerini.com/241499/article/ekathimerini/sports/greece-humiliated-at-the-hands-of-armenia
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