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  1. Samaras was also the man, as much as people hated him and called him lazy and useless, he really did offer us that little spark in creating goals.
  2. We need to really practice kicking the ball into channels. I havn't seen us able to do that once in this game.
  3. They just have really heavy control so instead of delicate passes into space they just sort of hoof it so it goes out of play.
  4. The games opening up, unfortunately our defense is so pathetic Bosnia look likely to score on the break.
  5. Very unusual for Greece to get a questionable decision. Wow we were lucky there! Side netting.
  6. Wow, Bosnia are imploding, WTAF? BTW how many closed there eyes for that penalty, I know I did!
  7. I feel like the coach should just say get a shot on target, anything to test the keeper. Chances are he drops it and we get the rebound.
  8. No intensity from our plays. We get the ball in a dangerous postion have Bosnia on the back foot and instead pass the ball back to tthe defense. WTF!!!!11
  9. 2-0 pathetic free kick. Another link: http://www.streamhd-24.com/live/stream.php?t=Flash&link=http://blitzstreams.com/live/ch1&id=317576
  10. 1-0 Bosnia. Our defense was at 6's and 7's pathetic. http://www.streamhd-24.com/live/stream.php?t=Flash&link=http://1me.club/sx/2/27.html&id=317576
  11. I'm not to hopeful in this game. I think we need to play it tight and go for the 0-0. If they score first I can't see us getting one back.
  12. Top of the table! https://www.livescore.co.uk/euro/qualification-group-j/
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