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  1. Ant1 is the most stable channel within the current greek add on, its probably the only one thats never gone down at all and im talking going on 2 years now! With the other channels like the ert and mega you get the web version and the greek version..the web versions usually go offline when they show american programming which is generally late night tv in greece...basically it will have ert1 web, ert1 alt (alternate, usually greek version) + another 2 backup streams of the same channel. You can also download the greek tv android app off the google play store as a backup as well. At the end of the day you got nothing to lose its free tv and its not going anywhere anytime soon.
  2. Right now you can get ert1, 2, 3, ert world, mega, alpha, Skai (shows Greek nt games), ant1, star, Greek cinema + 4-5 other Greek movie channels, PIK/numerous other Cypriot channels, numerous Greek music channels and I'd say roughly another 20 odd regional stations from Greece. They just added mega cosmos and alpha sat recently and netv Toronto and Montreal Greek tv for you Canadians. on top of that you have a catalogue of literally thousands of Greek movies and tv shows dating back decades, basically a Greek version of Netflix to go with live tv, and anything you miss live because of time difference you can watch via these catch ups. Even has the nova catchup which puts up highlights of super league games as soon as they end, you can also occasionally catch links from the other add ons within Kodi for Greek super league games live, quality is usually average though. if you're paying for Greek tv now you are throwing your money away. In fact if you're paying for cable/sat tv in general aside from a sports package you're throwing your money away.
  3. You can get ert world for free via Kodi, as well as all the other mainstream channels from Greece. Just get one of those cheap $50 Chinese android boxes off eBay and off you go. No idea why anyone would pay for Greek tv these days, you don't even need decent internet for the Greek stuff.
  4. From what I saw of the highlights a lot of the decisions were very close that could have gone either way, you couldn't look at it and say it was biased. What I did detect was a pretty entertaining match with a lot of action at both ends, paok had enough opportunities to win and ultimately that's what cost them.
  5. 96k I think, I was there, when Australia scored without exaggeration I'd say 60k+ celebrated...would have been roughly 35k Greeks there, and this was post euro 2004 euphoria against the home country of Australia who had also qualified for the World Cup for the first time since 74, put Greece in a match here against Bosnia or Estonia and I'll eat my hat if more than 10-15k turn up. fast forward 10 years and only 33k turned up to watch the same 2 teams, you would be surprised how things can change in a decade. Especially in this country where the younger generation Greeks have been seduced by the A league and been coached into hating Sydney Olympic and sm Hellas. as far as Greece itself is concerned, It will always be a club before country place, the only time this was remotely challenged was just after the euro triumph, normal service resumed pretty quickly.
  6. Most of them are 3rd generation now, they would rather watch an exhibition tour featuring Real Madrid and Liverpool. the Greek nt playing games in Australia, USA or Canada in the 70s, 80s and even 90s would have been something else.
  7. No chance you would fill a 30,000 capacity stadium in Melbourne to watch Greece play the likes of Estonia and Gibraltar, he'll even Bosnia, the game against Australia a few months ago barely reached just over 30k and they we're giving away thousands of freebies just to reach that figure, and of that crowd maybe 15k were Greek. the idea of taking qualifiers to the diaspora would have been appealing once upon a time, but that ship has sailed.
  8. You can only hope we were backing off a bit knowing we have another game in a few days time, 2nd half was a tough watch.
  9. I ended up watching the game on Skai. For those of you who have the Greek mainstream channels for free via Kodi you should be able to watch the Estonia game as well in a few days.
  10. Another disgusting display against apoel 2nd half in particular. This team has no identity, awful defence, very little creativity in midfield and no firepower to scare even a european minnow. Half of tonights starting 11 are not fit to be at the club, how the f does da costa still a game? Anyway bento wont survive a 3rd loss in a row, i see a 0-1 against aek as well. Yes i know we hit the post and had 2 chances cleared off the line and the apoel keeper made 1-2 excellent saves but the performance was so disjointed it got exactly what it deserved and thats a defeat.
  11. We did it 3-2 over oakleigh, what a game, what an atmosphere, my voice is gone, champions of Victoria for a record 10th time. no way the crowd was just 4,200, I'm pretty sure they chucked the gates open just before kick off and many weren't scanned, easily between 5-6k. The ffv showed again they're useless at organising an event by not opening the opposite grandstand, the front and back of the main stand was so packed you could hardly walk through.
  12. Hellas v oakleigh grand final 5.30pm next Sunday at lakeside, everyone get down there.
  13. We did it beat Alexandros 2-1 to make the grand final, heidelbergs first loss of the season at home, we conceeded straight from the kick off after 15 seconds and we thought here we go again, 2 goals in a minute in the 2nd half turned it around. not only a great win but to send that prick Archie Thompson into retirement is so sweet.
  14. Been a while since I updated so this is how things stand. hellas smashed Hume 3-0 tonight in the elimination final, should have won by a lot more. means next week we have a showdown against Alexandros in the semi final at Olympic village, for those not aware they have Archie Thompson and they're expecting a huge crowd next Saturday night. We will be heavy underdogs but anything can happen in finals so fingers crossed we put in a decent performance, they massacred us 5-0 last time but our lineup is much more settled now.
  15. Amazing effort! And to beat a german in the final makes it all the more sweeter. Deservedly she will become the face of greece now.
  16. Blackhawk was putting up a list of athletes with greek roots competiting for other countries, so surely he counts.
  17. You missed the Greek American kid that got the bronze in fencing.
  18. Were they going off an ioc script or something? Because the 2 broadcasts mentioned almost identical things.
  19. Apparently when the skops came out the channel 7 Australia and nbc America coverage labelled Alexander the Great and Phillip as 2 great Macedonian athletes or something along those lines, anyone watch it? Social media is lighting up. What a slap in the face.
  20. The fall out from this debacle will be interesting to see. These players would not be wanting to return to greece right now. The season is effectively over before its started, generally our year dies around christmas. If anything this will surely pave the way for a genuine title race. This team could realistically slip to 3rd or 4th in the super league. Where are the goals going to come from? May as well forfeit the europa qualifiers cos whoever we draw we wont be winning.
  21. Simply disgusting. Wont qualify for the group stage of europa either.
  22. Santos is a results based orientated coach which IMO is perfect for international football. His philosophy is to make his teams hard to beat irrespective of game style. He would have have found a way to get us to this tournament I have no doubt about that. Yes his 3 draws in the group stage looked terrible on paper but with the new format 3 points and a 0 Gd is all you need to get through, as I said he finds a way. The only thing that annoys me is dumping ranieri so quickly, obviously he looks a million bucks now after what he did at Leicester, but having him go through a failed qualifying campaign would have given him enough time to see how to build this team in a new qualifying campaign, with skibbe we are sort of back at square one late 2014 as the games he has coached have basically been dead rubbers.
  23. as the host country a deep run is not a huge surprise, but klinsmann got lucky most of the way through aside from the Costa Rica game. I don't see how the team has moved forward quality wise under klinsmann, the best soccer I've ever seen the US play was the 2002 World Cup. And 2010 wasn't bad. As far as Landon Donovan goes clearly it was personal, but a player of his experience would have been perfect to bring on late in games, he delivered in major tournaments, wondolowski is just a typical MLS finisher who will score against crap concacaf teams.
  24. Think it's time for the US to part ways with klinsmann, what's he done that American coaches hadn't done before him? Negative coach thats taken them about as far as he can, they have some good young talent coming through like pulisic, nagbe etc but he sticks with duds like wondolowski, still can't believe that idiot didn't take Landon Donovan to the last World Cup. Playing on home soil and can't even get a single shot away.. That's on top of the Ecuador game where klinsmann takes off Dempsey (reliable goal threat) and then looks surprised that no one can hold the ball up front...Ecuador could have scored 5 goals in the last 10 mins, his substitutions and game strategy are laughable.
  25. I'm almost ready to pull the plug on this club, humiliating 4-0 cup defeat at bentleigh tonight and once again not only do we Fail in a big game but we get embarased. No idea how these s%$#! cvnts are top of the league, and the coach can get F***ed as well, sick to death of our dour defensive style of play. Our club was built on attacking football and having a go, everything the club stands for is being ripped to shreds, I don't care if we lose but do it the south way go down swinging, no Fkn 10 men behind the ball treating some hack suburban team like they're barca playing at the camp nou.
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