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  1. We have drawn Frankston pines in the next round of the cup at home, barring something insane occuring it looks like our hellas will be back on the big stage finally :) It also looks like alexandros will be joining us. Oakleigh have a south eastern suburbs greek derby against one of last years giant killers south springvale aris. Is west Adelaide still in with a chance? Looks like all the major greek clubs of the Nsl era will be in the round of 32.
  2. Epic 3-1 win for hellas over the melbourne knights in FFA cup qualifier last night, we were down 0-1 going into the last 5 minutes and turned the game within minutes, the stadium erupted, the knights players started an all in brawl at the end and a few red cards were dished out, the idiot ref also sent off the south ball boy for delaying the game...madness! Probably the clubs best win post Nsl. 1 more win needed to qualify for the cup proper, hopefully we get an easier fixture. Nice to see a big write up of the game in herald sun, amazing night and great atmosphere.
  3. Nice to see many of the greeksoccer posters move across so quickly, well done to everyone who helped spread the word.
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