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  1. Our defence doesn't look tight here, we need a 3rd goal but we aren't playing well at all, thankfully we got those 2 goals in 2 minutes but Cyprus look a lot more competent in possession.
  2. That could have gotten real ugly, looked like Bosnia were gonna go 3-1 up and then seconds later 2-2, neither team defending chances after chance at both ends, for those not being able to watch the ground was in such poor condition it pretty much made both teams even...dodged a bullet here. hopefully with this result now we come out firing.
  3. 2-2..10 seconds earlier dzeko was almost through to make it 3-1...scoring not done here Belgium need another,
  4. Pretty clever though from the Bosnians to purposely choose a cow paddock for this game.
  5. The problem is the pitch is so horrible Belgium have probably said stuff this we aren't risking injury, also all technical advantage they have has been negated by the pitch. The game is so open and Belgium are bad in defence in this game. i can see Belgium scoring, problem is I see Bosnia scoring as well.
  6. We might be dead, 2 gifts for Bosnia, horrible pitch, what incentive to Belgium have to come back now? This sucks
  7. The idea of ordinary citizens in Australia owning guns is considered laughable, we don't need them for protection and quite frankly we don't care for them, unfortunately it seems to be a cultural thing in the US where it's bordered on obsession for many to own one.
  8. South Melbourne v Sydney fc ffa cup semi final on Wednesday October 11, everyone get there and help pack out the stadium.
  9. Its out of our hands now and we only have ourselves to blame from the previous result. Belgium have nothing to play for now and bosnia are more then capable at home. Not sure why anyone would be so sure that result will go in our favour.
  10. Don't rule Bosnia out at home to Belgium, keep in mind Belgium will already be mathematically qualified and are likely to leave the bulk of its first team players out. They will also reclaim 2nd spot after this weekend most likely. its in Greeces best interests that Estonia beats Cyprus now (feel bad for saying that) because if we go there locked on 13 points each we are screwed. At best I can only see 3-4 points being picked up from the remaining games.
  11. Belgium will wrap up top spot mathematically on sunday and then head to bosnia with its reserves. We butchered our chance to knock bosnia out of the running. As it stands i see bosnia finishing 1 point ahead of us. Lets hope we only lose by a few.
  12. South Melbourne 5-4 Dandenong city down 4-1 until the 83rd minute and came back to win, we now qualify for the national stage of the ffa cup, crazy crazy scenes.
  13. My parents can barely speak any English and they know how to use it, just play around with it for a few days and she will learn, its not that different to normal tv, once it's set up all the Greek channels will appear and she can just scroll up and down like a normal remote control, all you have to do is press ok to enter the channel. At worst it will cost you $30 for the box, if she finds it too hard you can just stick with what you have, definately worth a go.
  14. an android box that's costs anywhere between $30-$50 will be enough to stream the Greek channels fine on Kodi, I got one of my cousins from Toronto onto it, paying for Greek tv now is pointless.
  15. We could have potentially won the tie with kapino in goal and advanced.. but all that would have done is papered over the cracks. Besiktas destroyed us in both games we could hardly touch the ball. I hear people say tactically we were perfect in karaiskaki but leali ruined it..thats a load of crap..we sat back and bent over for them because we dont have the quality to play mbala..it was men v boys. Even if you take away the leali errors which cost us dearly in both games besiktas still should have scored a bucket load against us. Look at the derby yesterday we got smashed..kapino was the difference between losing 1-0 instead of 4-0...either way we look like losers no matter who we play now.
  16. Spot on as far as today went the panionios loss at paok sucked the life out of the title race, would have been a far more intriguing derby if that result went the other way.
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