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  1. Based on this thread EPO should move the next home qualifier to Toronto lol.
  2. The crazy thing about all this is as scores currently stand had we beaten Finland we would have ended this matchday in 2nd position lol.
  3. Im watching the ert coverage. Theyre all saying a 12 point win is required. Who would have thought we would hold the US to 69 and still lose easily.
  4. No we aren’t eliminated, the commentators mentioned late in the game we have to win by 13 or more. USA will definately beat Brazil. I can’t see us winning let alone by that score. That was our worst shooting percentage performance since 1998! Brick after brick on so many open looks.
  5. We need to beat the Czecks by 13 or more. Absolutely no chance the way we are shooting the ball
  6. Our shooting is disgraceful, 26% seriously we won’t even be going to the Olympics at this rate. Giannis has passed so many open looks and we have missed everything.
  7. Why are they saying on the Greek news the czeks are +12 ahead of us?
  8. We can’t afford to lose by more than 10 I think...a more narrow win for Czecks would have been ideal.
  9. Brazil lost to the Czechs, so we are still alive if we lose to the US...most likely now it comes down to us against the Czecks
  10. It goes to points differential I think. So we beat Montenegro by 25, lost to Brazil by 1, beat NZ by 6...that makes us +30 currently, in the event of us and Brazil finishing on the same wins then it would come into play, ideally you would have preferred to best NZ by more than 6. As it stands our points differential is better then Brazil I think.
  11. This team hasnt gelled well sadly. Poorly coached as well. The US havent been impressive but our level is nowhere near the level it takes to beat them. The czecks wont beat Brazil.
  12. We don’t play Brazil again, we play USA and Turkey, if we beat both we need one of them to beat Brazil, if we lose to the US and beat Turkey (more likely scenario) we will need Turkey to beat Brazil. As it stands the US and Brazil will be 3-0 whilst us and Turkey will likely be 2-1. The loss to Brazil carries into the next group phase, so we need other results to favour us, that’s how crushing this loss was. In the meantime we need to crush NZ to get our points differential up just in case that becomes the tie breaker, not holding my breath our offence has been atrocious. In all likelyhood we are gonna have to beat the US and Turkey to advance, one win from those 2 is still likely to leave us short.
  13. Even if we advance to the next phase we are screwed. We need to beat Turkey then hope they and the US both beat Brazil. Chances of getting to the knockout round is slim when you need to depend on other results. Waste of a tournament.
  14. Ange Postecoglou currently sits 2nd in the J league with Yokohama. A comp that is about 2 levels above mls and 3 above Australia. He would wipe the floor with the 3 guys brought in now.
  15. So Van Schip, Valkanis and Winter? 2 coaches who could barely cut it in the Australian league and Winter from memory who had a laughable stint in his only senior role in mls. dont get me wrong I love Valkanis and his family from Melbourne but this is rock bottom, they may as well be picking randoms off the street.
  16. It use to be comical when Van Schip was coaching in Melbourne how often his teams would conceed goals in the last 10 mins, his style of play is boring, that’s fine by me, but he isn’t the one that’s going to stop the leaks.
  17. Van Schip coached here in Melbourne for a number of years, this is a terrible appointment, he did nothing here, left to go coach a team in Mexico where he was fired and received death threats from that teams supporters, he returned to Melbourne to coach the same team only this time they were under the ownership of the city football group (man city) and he proceeded to do very little again. cant believe how low the bar has been set.
  18. Had the chances. Team simply lacks a predator in the box to put chances away. Missed opportunity.
  19. Nadal played incredibly well to be fair. Big year ahead for Stef. It was a fun 2 weeks here, took us back to the mid 2000s with euro/baghdatis type scenes. I believe Tsitsipas is the real deal. But its no coincidence his 2 best performances have come in Melbourne and Toronto where he received a lot of Greek support and he even commented that both tournaments felt like he was playing in Athens. He really feeds off the fans so when he comes to play in your city make sure you all come out in force, particularly later this yr at the montreal masters and the US Open at flushing meadows.
  20. I have us finishing 2nd last here. This team doesn’t walk through anyone lol.
  21. 5-2 now. How much will Olympiakos need to beat Milan by to advance?
  22. Surely its not too late to give Ange Postecoglou a go. He would never tolerate this.
  23. This team is done. They have no purpose and are unwatchable. Need to get a real coach with a game plan to maximise the limited talent. This team wouls barely finish mid table in the Greek super league.
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