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  1. This could get ugly, no surprise really we could hardly touch the ball against them at home..this is to be expected.
  2. The problem is we were chasing the ball around even before they scored, we were gonna fade the longer the game went, by the last 10-15 minutes it didn't even look like we were on the field. They grinded us down. It honestly looked like we were the away team for the Most part, could not string 2 passes together.
  3. Pretty embarassing performance overall, shame the goal was a gift, will cop 3-4 there I think.
  4. Adding to mainstream coverage channel 7 was at lakeside today, they will be running a story on 7 news at 6pm about our bid. Bill paperstergiadis will also be speaking on radio sen at 5.30pm.
  5. Tasmania is untapped for a reason, if the afl wont even go there that tells you a lot. Its 500k in total but its split between north and south, this team would supposedly be based in hobart, thats about about 250k people. To give you an idea at how niche these proposals are like tassie and geelong..the greek population in melb alone almost outdoes them. I think the south bid is getting a little annoying as well. But i think theyre just rubbing it in the faces of the other bidders who are well behind. At least the links with chendo/carlos are real, tasmania releases a press release saying arnold would be interested in coaching them. The next day arnold laughs it off and makes a border line derogatory joke about tasmanians lol.
  6. Don't think Canberra is bidding, they seem to have hooked up with the Mariners. wollongong is a huge threat, should have been in from the start instead of central coast. geelong worries me as well, huge 36,000 capacity stadium that's only used half a dozen times a year, has hosted athletio Madrid and acl games, if they can get a good lease that will get them over the line. I don't think they would be viable long term though, the AFL team was struggling financially up until recent years and the president has even said that 2 pro teams in an area that's been doing it tough lately will be difficult. if Geelong gets a cricket 20/20 team which appears to be far more advanced at this point then that would end the idea of an a league team, so it may come down to that. either way south would be extreme outsiders. Which is a joke in itself when you consider where the rest are at.
  7. I'm hearing a Brisbane bid is struggling to get off the ground, no venue. south and Tasmania are the obvious 2, I have a feeling it will be the 3rd and 4th bids that will get licenses.
  8. I agree south were never a chance 8 years ago, but at the time the Pr work was coming from south similar to this time around, nobody knew anything about Melbourne heart, I was actually at the presentation the club did back in 2008 to sell the idea to the members and I remember walking out of it thinking no other bid can match this, then before you know it we have a team called heart based out of an absolute dump at Latrobe uni. I don't think the bid was bad, it had money behind it back then, but this was pre ffa cup days and the dislike towards ethnic clubs appeared far greater. I remember talking to people and they would say it doesn't matter how good it is the ffa have already agreed to give the license to another group before the bidding process even started, they were right. this time the bid is much better coordinated, bill papestergiadis has a lot of influence around town, he even has the Greek newspapers backing the bid! The same papers that usually laugh at us. One of the key investors is actually sponsoring the npl team this year. So it's definately no gimmick, especially as bill helped the club lock down the stadium for the next 40 years on very generous lease terms. i still think the clubs best chance will be to take the wellington Phoenix license, they can't be touched until 2020 though, we will see 5 new teams enter in this 6 year broadcast arrangement, it's just a matter if they see south as one of the five, melb city struggling to draw crowds is not helping, even though I think south could go past them straight away. tasmania I can't see getting in, their bid sounds desperate which means they don't have the backing of the ffa or fox, no football code of any kind will plonk a team in Tasmania. im sticking with the bookies favourites south Sydney/Cronulla and Geelong, when the ffa release the criteria for expansion you will see these 2 come out of the woodwork.
  9. As far as I know canberra isn't even bidding. luxbet has a southern Sydney franchise and Geelong as short priced favourites, how they came to that conclusion I'm not sure, leak from ffa? Are the ffa working behind the scenes with such consortiums and told them to keep on the down low? history shows this is how it plays out, 8 years ago it was south this south that, out of nowhere they gave the license to the heart consortium,. Nobody in Melb knew anything about them, that's how the ffa operate it.
  10. Well if that's the case Melbourne will never get a 3rd team, all top line sport here is played in the cbd area, with the afl taking over Etihad stadium soon we are the only ones who actually have a stadium outside AAMI park, no east/west divide like Sydney here either, they may give it to Geelong but that would be a laughable failure. honestly can't see any of these proposed bids being a success, ours is the best of the lot, all bias aside the difference with ours is the club would be the backbone of it all, all the others will get crippled by stadium deals like a 2nd Brisbane team for eg, none of them have social club facilities, junior teams etc, our set up is ready made. anyhow now that they finalised the broadcast deal it wouldn't surprise me if they stick with the 10 teams, the whole expansion talk was probably based around that.
  11. Some people have said that, others are saying fox sports wants 3rd sydney and melbourne to boost ratings and provide more derbies. This will also be more attractive to whoever is the fta broadcaster. Regional teams tend to be a big burden on the competition. Wellington is also likely to get thrown out soon. To be honest the whole thing is a joke..even if south get in. Absolutely nothing organic about the sport here. Even as a hellas fan id get bored playing the mariners every few weeks.
  12. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/a-league/south-melbourne-to-push-aleague-expansion-case-in-meeting-with-ffa/news-story/1bfa9ec910882beb7cd6110b258ae4bf Interesting development
  13. Geelong playing in a 30,000 capacity stadium at kardinia park would be a nightmare. They might be good hosts for victory once a year and the odd club friendly but running a team week in week out I think is beyond them. my honest opinion is Victoria won't get a 3rd team, but if it does anything other than south will be a spectacular failure. all you hear these days is about geography and growth corridors and population bursts, it's complete and utter tripe, and especially if we are talking about Melbourne where top line sport here is only played within the cbd, we don't have that east/west divide here. people keep asking where will SM fans come from, duh all over Melbourne. The thing I hate though is people using Melbourne city struggling to draw a crowd to downplay our bid, it's not our fault the ffa gave a license to a consortium 8 years ago whose only plan was to essentially be victory with different colours, that license should have gone to south, and now with the city takeover they don't realise that they are basically an even bigger niche club than hellas. Our introduction if anything would help these clowns.
  14. Results from the herald sun poll over where a 3rd Victorian club should be based South Melbourne - 50% Geelong - 19% Casey-Dandenong - 31%
  15. Yep they despise traditional clubs, everything they do has to be new and created out of thin air. Call me cynical but I think the ffa wants south Melbourne bidding for a license whenever possible, every time expansion talk comes up we get the ball rolling for them, they're basically using our history and legacy to drum up expansion talk, just so a few plastic entities can come to the party after us. just look at the past week, we declare interest in bidding..actual legitimate interest, then in the days that follow you get these pipe dream ideas from Geelong and south east Melbourne ( car jacking central)...every single time this topic comes up we do half the promotional work for these wankers. what they don't realise is that a south Melbourne in the A league could be a game changer on many levels, people might actually start believeing that they aren't a pack of racists, and that perhaps a 2nd division and pro/relegation is an idea they could go for...clubs will start thinking if south can why can't we, instead we are gonna get clones of the same bat s%$#! boring 10 franchises we have now.
  16. Heart got bailed out because they were based in a large metro area..notice how the ffa allowed nth queensland and gold coast to fold? And does anyone think a global brand is gonna bail out a team from tasmania, geelong etc..regional teams have very little appeal. The one and only thing that basketcase heart had going for them was that they were based in melb. The ffa are going to set the criteria needed at the start of next yr. Guaranteed south ticks every box and more and still gets overlooked.
  17. Knights stadium is in the middle of nowhere, doesn't even have transport access anywhere near it. No chance. our ground is about 3 minutes away from Etihad stadium, on the fringe of the cbd close to spencer st station and the tram runs right past the ground. Location is perfect and on the other side of the cbd from where the other 2 muppets play.
  18. Melbourne victory have tried to create the illusion that they have a Hellas footprint by bringing in just about anyone they can from Souths NSL past, trimboli is the football manager, they have had Ange as coach, Muscat played for Hellas, dean anastasiadis is the goalkeeper coach, they had Mehmet durakovic in the past as coach as well, and they were part owned by Harry stamoulis for a long time who was a past benefactor of hellas and he owns one of melbournes 2 Greek newspapers so he would try hype them as a mini Greek influenced club which was laughable, they also have Greek sponsors like dodoni and Delphi bank who previously sponsored south. WIth all the above they managed to con about 80% of the Greek community. Anyone who tries to link hellas to that scum franchise makes my blood boil. we will never be in the A league, nor will Olympic, they don't want us, if this was a genuine open bidding process we would be a walk up start, our bid already has $5 million behind it, we have a 40 year lease on lakeside stadium with crowds of only 1500 in the top flight needed to break even, with that we have arguably the best stadium deal in the country, and in February our social club/restaurant/bar will finally open, unlike these plastic franchises we would be making a killing on gamedays. We have the junior and women's infrastructure in place. Coverage in Melbourne was huge yesterday it was all over radio even the bogan stations. The herald sun revealed that the article they put online generated more traffic than cricket and AFL stories put together and was the 4th most viewed onlinearticle in on their platform ever, that's insane. but we are dirty wogs and therefore don't deserve a chance, so they will probably put in Geelong or something. Then again when your own community does you over what's the point, I read so many comments online yesterday from ex hellas fans I know who shot down our bid.." we created this league to keep them out" etc, bunch of turncoat fkwits.
  19. I havent gone through the pages so apologies if its been mentioned..our goal should have been ruled out..clear as day foul throw amazing we got away with that. As for bosnia they are clearly the superior team but sometimes its their biggest weakness because they overate themselves...they could have killed the clock in injury time but instead kept getting numbers forward pushing for a 2nd..obviously playing riskier passes they kept giving us opportunities to get the ball back and launch some final attacks..good team but also a bit dumb all the same.
  20. True to an extent. the 2 leg playoff against Romania for the last World Cup we looked like Barcelona compared to the way we are now, outgunning them 4-2 on aggregate, granted you had mitroglou in career best form at the time.
  21. 2 points in the next 2 games would almost certainly give us 2nd spot. managing our goal difference will also be crucial, we are currently +4 ahead of Bosnia, they have something like 5 players suspended for the Gibraltar game including dzeko so they may struggle to run up the score. It's important that if we do lose against Belgium its as narrow as possible.
  22. We don't close the ball down fast enough, if you take away the chances and just look at the play Bosnia had so many 4 on 3 attacking plays and other opportunities where the right pass could have put a player through on goal and they kept mistiming it, on another night make no mistake we could have been hit for 4-5. the lead up play that led to fourtounis hitting the post was the only thing we did the whole game that look remotely professional lol. The goal came the only way we were gonna score, pump the ball into the box in this case a throw in and hope the 2nd ball lands to us, sometimes you just need to get it in when you can't create any openings any other way.
  23. The problem is we are gonna either have to beat them away which seems impossible based on this form or get something off Belgium which is even more unlikely, our goal difference is never gonna stack up. one of those situations where at least the destiny is in our own hands.
  24. We were dreadful, played like a bunch of 8 year olds, yet we still had 3-4 very good chances. credit for the goal was a great hit. we went from having our campaign finished to just having our noses in front for the playoff spot, take it and run.
  25. If you just want the Greek you probably don't need high speed internet. i think Skai is showing Greece v Bosnia next week.
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