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Thanks for the training kits Puma :(

What a disgrace of a kit!

Even if we ignore the lame attempt of the the designs they actually fit very loose something like our kits in the 90's look at the size of the sleeves

The shorts are baggy don't even look like soccer shorts more like basketball shorts

Marcus is thinking "should have stayed with Adidas" even Kappa would have made a better kit

How long are we stuck with Puma for?

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I cam live withe these. Then again, I am a champion of simplicity. It's got the old school tryfili on it so I can't hate. The 3rd kit is something from the 80s. We should wear against the gavros and just totally mindF*** them.

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I get what your saying about the bigger old school trifili but im talking about the design in general of the jersey.


Its a pretty lame attempt by Puma.


I would of been happy with this template in Green and White and giant trifili



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Thanks for seeing the light.


Maybe it was Panathinaikos fault for not specifying what they want and Puma just gave them a crappy template to work with.


Even Sydney FC moving from Adidas to Puma got a better jersey design.



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