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Here is a look at the training gear for this year by Puma, as per what I have heard, the jersey we wore yesterday is not out official jersey, we will wear 2 different kits during preseason. On July 15, Puma will introduce our 3 jerseys for 2015-16.












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From what i hear our new kits will be identical to the ones we wore in the friendly games plus the sponsor.... <_<  :tdown:  :tdown:  :tdown:  :tdown:


I had a feeling this would be true.


When we were with Adidas and we played friendly's we always played in our kits whether they were the year before or the current ones.


I thought maybe Puma went out of their way to provide "friendly" kits.


Our training clothes look better than this kit!


The stripe down the sleeve doesnt even match the shorts or anything so boring and generic.


Its a disgrace!

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