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  1. How the hell this is not a red card? https://vid.me/clip?video=7387694
  2. Psofos re g*****eno m****pano gamw ton Peiraia sou!!
  3. Se 14 mats 10 mpeeeeenalti! Spaei ola ta rekor o three-los.... Protathlitis sta mpenalti olimpiake
  4. 8 penalties in 13 matches for the diorismenous....
  5. https://streamable.com/0vhz?t=31.4
  6. Opaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Threeeeeeeeeeeeeee-le!!!!
  7. You want a comment for the game Iraklis-PAO? Here, we were awful and we didn't deserve to get anything from the game. Cause you see when PAO doesn't play good we don't get petsina penalti like the one your team got today!
  8. Trava g*****! re pou tha mas peis kai ti tha kanoume
  9. Otan den exoume ti na poume leme ante geia etsi??
  10. ^So how do you explain the fact that when PAO used to go twice in the semifinals and four times in quarterfinals of the Ch.L while your team was getting humiliated all over Europe you were still the one to win the league every year?
  11. Someone else broke his silence as well but you avoid these articles. You're more concerned with corruption in El Clasico, i wonder why? http://www.sportit.gr/vomves-tsiniari-gia-tin-dietisia/
  12. Now that Strama is our new coach we should try this since he likes to use it 3-5-2 -----------------------------Steele--------------------- --------------Sanchez-----Tavla---------Thelander------------- Wemmer-----Zeca--------Lagos--------Abeid----------Nano ----------------------Berg-------------Karelis------------- kai poutsa ston three-lo
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