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PAO Jersey Time Line


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is this jersey a limited edition or do they have plenty of stock?


My dads not going to Greece till August?


also is it good quality?


Was a little disappointed in the Domazos vintage jersey they did back in 2008.

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I can't stand the blue one. I can't believe it's been our away jersey for this long.  The stripes are nice but should be a third.


Just make it like this.


Home: Green (preferably 100 year shirt from 2008-09)


Away: White (08-09 again)


Third: Any variation of stripes or a classic jersey from the past. So much history to pull from.


and please ONLY GREEN!!!!

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The home kit is an exact replica of the 2013-14 home jersey...

The away is a replica of the 2015-16 third kit

Nevertheless, a huge improvement from the 2015-16 kits, and it's nice to see classic stripes again. Would have preferred to see vertical stripes, but hey, you can't have your cake and eat it too

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