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  1. I'm also skeptical that this will happen but assuming it does get the go ahead, I'm fine with a 30000 capacity. It would be nearly double of what leoforos is with much more commercial potential. As long as they make it in a way that it can get to 40-45000 without too much trouble in the future I'm all for it.
  2. I don't understand the hate with mentioning a 3 at the back formation when we actually have a team that is really suited to play this formation. If I were the coach, I would have played like this since Santos' last days. Someone mentioned Watford plays with 3 ATB. Who is their starting Wingback? Holebas. Last year Watford played with 4 ATB and he was nailed to the bench. Why? Because his defending skills are average at best. Same with Toro. I love the guy but he was always better going forward than defending. Both of them are decent tacklers but are bad at defending space and get lost marking players. Having an extra player at the back to mop up would be very useful to both of them. Stafylidis is also more of an attacking fullback too. The last game against Bosnia was one of the worst games I have ever watched the NT play. If Skibbe comes out with the same philosophy and formation as last game, he should be fired because Belgium will destroy us. We only have a chance if we play strong at the back and have clever counter attacks. Pretty much the way Wales beat them.
  3. I don't like the idea but it is still better than the stupid 6 game playoff that they have now. I think 30 games is enough to know who should finish in 2nd. This proposal is a way to get more derbies in. If they want to do that, just have a 10 team league and have everyone play each other 4 times. It would be 36 games and more competitive teams playing each other week in week out. No split groups.
  4. He is a good player but he also has his faults. He can be an extremely dangerous striker in the right system with the right teammates. He has some really good players around him in Benfica which obviously benefits him. The service that he gets on the Greek NT is laughable at the moment and it won't change any time soon so it's up to him to get more involved when playing for Greece. Even though he has the body and size of a target man he actually plays better with the ball on his feet and shielding than winning high balls with his head. He is our best option at the moment and in the near future and the only legit goal scorer that we have.
  5. It is clear that Fetfa has the skill to be on the National team, but I see his stats say 0 goals 0 assists in 7 appearances in a very average league this year and he never contributed enough goals and assists to warrant a higher status on any club that he was on. Flashy dribbles and passes are great but if they don't go in the back of the net they are useless. Fortounis has shown to be a much more effective attacking player than Fetfa has ever been and it shows in the stats. Also we do not really know what happens behind closed doors with any of these players but attitude and personality might have something to do with players that make the NT and others who don't. Salpi was a professional through and through and of course it helped his NT selection to be like that because the coach was able to trust him in all situations and he knew that he would still be bringing something to the team even if he was off offensively. And for everyone that is saying that he looks like Messi. Messi is what he is because he produces goals and assists.
  6. Lots of good ideas. I would personally go with this for Bosnia and Belgium. Karnezis Toro Manolas Sokratis Stafylidis Samaris Maniatis Mantalos Fortounis Karelis Mitrolgou Similar to Rockafeller's 11 and same concept with no wingers. Belgium has some very mobile players like Naingollan, Mertens and of course DeBruyne. Hazard likes cutting in too so we need to crowd the middle. Maniatis might be a better answer than Tachtsidis for the Belgium match because of his mobility. I put Karelis in because Belgium's weakness with Wales was being unable to handle strikers in the box. Might as well have 2 up front and see if they can deal with it.
  7. The only chance we have is to get 7 points in the last 3 games and that might not be enough. The biggest positive was that Ibarbo and Leto were unstoppable together. I want to see them with Berg to start a game as a front 3. I think that fatigue is a cheap excuse for any professional footballer. When you have the lead, it is very easy to slow the pace of a match down when playing a club that isn't a world beater and Standard are no world beaters. We just play dumb football in key situations and it has happened a few times this season. Any player should know that a free kick from that close can't go over the wall but someone on our team jumped. Steele also was very poor on the play. He looked surprised by the ball coming to him for some reason.
  8. Weak penalty but this is a good test to see if they can stay calm or lose their cool like they did in the xanthi game.
  9. I'm pretty sure that if Skibbe didn't like Holebas at all, he wouldn't be picked at all. But again I'm assuming that sponsors, agents, EPO don't influence decisions made by Skibbe.
  10. Stramma again showing he is spot on with personnel decisions. If he doesn't pan out with his coaching I think he would be a great Technical Director. Berg seems like the type of player that will age well and will be playing at a high level at least for 3-4 more years in my opinion.
  11. There is no need to rip into giroux or berg. Giroux scored a hat trick at olympiakos last year. He is one of the best target men in the world even If he is limited in other aspects of the game. Winning headers in attacking positions is very important and makes an attack more dynamic. Berg is so good at contributing to build up play and is very good at not isolating himself. He never meshed well with ibra because I think they both need to demand a lot of the ball to be most effective.
  12. This isn't the same Dutch team from the past but still a great result to build confidence on. I was impressed with the passing and pressing of the players.
  13. I am a diehard PAO fan through and through but I followed their results last year because my parents are from Laconia and I don't think they were even in the 3rd division ever before last year and got promoted in their first season there. I don't know too much about the club but I know is that Giannakopoulos owns them and he obviously has deep pockets. I won't be surprised to see them in the Super League within the next few years and that would be unprecedented in Laconia. I was down there this year and the locals are saying that they heard rumors of a new stadium but I won't believe it until I see it. I opened this thread to give info but also seek info about the team and any input will be gladly appreciated.
  14. My take on the Belgian league is that they do have a good system in place, but they have become too much of a feeder league to progress any further. The best players stay for a year or two and off they go to Germany, England or Italy. Players are sold and most of the money goes into the owners pockets and the club stays mediocre for decades. I don't want the best Greek players to be playing on Barcelona and real. I hate those teams and I hate how big a gap there is between the top 10-15 clubs and the rest. Uefa and Fifa are just as corrupt as EPO.
  15. I have to agree with freezer on this, but I think that refereeing is the least of our problems. A bigger problem is how EPO handles fines and sanctions. My main wish this year is for PAO to have no fines, matches without fans and point deductions but we all know what is going to happen and Gate 13 and all PAO fans are part of this problem and I understand that they are provoked many times. Gavroi are weakened this year and will be up to more provoking games than usual. Unfortunately I don't see that ending well again this year. I hope I'm wrong though.
  16. Sorry tzatziki but I don't care for us to become a selling team like olympiakos. I want the strongest pao squad possible. Chances are that the club never sees the money anyways. Never trust any owners.
  17. I will never forget all the s%$#! talking marinakis did about cisse and pao after the disgraceful game in karaiskaki in 2011. It would be so hilarious to me if he just used olympiakos and their cl money to get Nottingham forest.
  18. Keep ur heads up high Paok fans. Sometimes it's just not meant to be. Today is however a sad day for Greek football. Can't remember the last time no Greek team was not at least in the group stages.
  19. Gate 13 stand should be a standing section. Gate 13 stands all game anyways. Lots of stadiums in Germany have it and I think Celtic just did it too.
  20. I can't stand the blue one. I can't believe it's been our away jersey for this long. The stripes are nice but should be a third. Just make it like this. Home: Green (preferably 100 year shirt from 2008-09) Away: White (08-09 again) Third: Any variation of stripes or a classic jersey from the past. So much history to pull from. and please ONLY GREEN!!!!
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