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  1. Personally, I think his ability on the field is limited given his condition of his knee and should be reserved as a bench player However out of PURE PRINCIPLE... you HAVE TO KEEP HIM and let him finish his career here.... there's no question in my mind that is the right thing to do... Everything else is pure bullshit... I mean.. i just read my post over again.. and I get more aggravated...
  2. God bless this kid... there aren't many like him... He's the ONLY one (Berg included) that BLEEDS for this damn team... the only one who KNOWS what it MEANS to play for this team... If the bastards on the team had a QUARTER of the heart this guy had... We would win the champions league.... Our management is a PIECE of s%$#!! They offered him a contract which was laughable... it was an absolute joke and a disgrace to a man who gives it his all every single game... Then they turn around and give KOUTROUBI a massive salary increase with EXTREME bonus incentives!! The same meat head who hangs us out to dry each game and can't be bothered to play half the time.... Not to mention our "medical staff" (the previous one).. almost ended Leto's career... More is becoming available about Leto's condition/knee... Turns out that this guy was taking PAIN KILLERS just to play... typically narcotics are not allowed, so he was either taking coritsone shots or high dose NSAIDs to play... Basically were zapping even more years off his career... The new medical staff has given him a new strength/conditioning program which have relieved his symptoms and he is off the painkillers thankfully... supposedly he's actually able to COMPLETE a FULL PRACTICE (madness that he wasn't able to complete a practice before!!) Mind you... the "doctor" was Alafouzo's personal friend and despite Anastasiou and possibly Stramma wanting to get rid of him... they kept him around... and hence all t he injuries and PISS poor conditioning.... What they have done to this club is CRIMINAL..... every more I read about this club... the more I'm disgusted and turned off.... This is why we never go places and we only make enemies... we treat our players like GARBAGE.... Karagouni... Alafouzo enemy Gilberto... ousted for no reason Leto.. BULLShIT contract given and trying to end his career Cisse... didn't even bother picking up the phone to talk to him when he wanted to play for almost free Katsourani... another scapegoat Dabiza.. Alafouzo personal vendetta and ousted And yet we lick the balls of the likes of Taki Fyssa who was the worst TD in PAO history EVER.... One word... DISGUSTED...
  3. Hate to say it, but Alafouzo is a JOKE.... Only he could have Marinakis on the ropes and then end up in jail himself whereas Marinakis continues to run his "organization" and rules behind the scene.... He's been promising us change for the past 3 years and we haven't even made a DENT in this movement to rid corruption....
  4. Why the hell are we talking about fines?? The fact that the court is delaying prosecution for the criminal organization for AT LEAST 1 year... says it all....
  5. Aside from the Gavro-PAO game, can someone give me a game that the gavro was not PUSHED to a victory? Every game I read they were pushed... some a lot more blatant than others.... Today there is a massacre going on at Giannena... absolutely tragic.... I don't blame our players one bit about not trying or wanting to leave... What is the point...
  6. Why are you guys complaing of the 11 minutes stoppage time? I personally thought it should have been 14-15. The flares/smoke delayed the game by 11 minutes alone and then there should have been an additional 3-4 based on fouls/cards/injuries etc. Lastly, what a player Milivojevic is....MVP thus far.... and to think they were going to sell him to Zenit on the last day of transfers
  7. How long have we been watching this league? A lead of 5-7 points is an automatic nail in the coffin... especially since our team continues to make blunders when the pressure is on If we dont' WIN at the derby... this is GAME OVER
  8. PAOK's title dreams are completely abolished... best they can do is hope for the Kypello and 2nd place via playoffs
  9. I watched the game without sound on a Ukrainian bootleg channel and from what i saw.. PAOK took it to the gavro and should have scored 2-3 goals, however the gavro dug down deep and came away with a win I'm not aware of the extra help... if there was I'll review it and let you know... I saw the mettle of the gavro come out
  10. I'm sure they'll close G7 for a bit but it doesn't matter... Bento has transformed their team from a loser team to a team with balls and can bounce back from adversity... his authoritarian/dictator way of leading his team into games (leaving out fortouni, marin, cardozo) has payed its end in massive dividends 2nd best coach in the league aside from Stramma
  11. Gavro won fair and square PAOK went in and played with BALLS but couldnt finish their chances Gavro walking away with the title in October.... PAOK has a solid team that will cut points away from PAO, no doubt....
  12. Gavro walking away with the title We needed them to falter against PAOK and they didn't... PAOK will cut points from us.. they have a good team that shows up to play against the big boys Especially with our team that has psychological problems.. if we go down early at Karaiskaki we could be talking about blow-out of catastrophic proportions
  13. GETTING INTO Europe was a "do or die" for the club Make no mistake, that was our number 1 goal... without getting into Europe and getting the cashflow from that, we wouldn't have enough money to make it through the year... the team was constructed with the plan that we would make it into Europe... if we were knocked out, we would be in a MAJOR CRISIS This is why the team was prepared the way it was.... Gavro prepared for the entire year, underestimated their opponents, and almost got knocked out... however the hard work they put in the summer is now starting to show for them whereas it's biting us in the ass
  14. The teams fitness is a big question that Stramma has gambled (and lost) Stramma prepared the team for the games in the summer... he did a pretty light preseason regimen in order to keep the guys fresh for the upcoming Euro games This has massive implications later on in the season as the team's fitness wanes quickly and thus injuries are to be expected quite frequently Gavro's preparation was much more intense in the summer as he prepared the team for an entire season (not just Euro qualifier games)... this is why the team looked all sorts of lost in the first few games as they were physically driven into the ground from their preparation, however this pays in the long run (as you can see they are coming together better and they are suffering less injuries) Stramma will need to have another mini preseason during the winter break in order to make up for the fitness so we can finish the year
  15. When you get many yellow cards you become a liability to the team.... you have to play more cautiously and there is always a risk that you get ejected leading to your team to play with a man down Additionally, players who foul a lot show a lack of pofessionalism which is extremely needed in order to make it to the next level in soccer... Wakaso is a perfect example... the guy is EXTREMELY talented and was on the radar of top teams in Spain (Sevilla, Valencia, Villareal and Athletico) however due to his hot head nature (minimum of 10 cards a season), he was cut from further discussions of top teams Simoes is not the same player he was for the last two seasons... the guy is a shadow of himself either due to injury or being in a bad mental state.... he is not relied upon and again didnt make a start In regards to depth, we have 5 starters out with injuries and yet we STILL have an extremely competitive side for the match on Monday We went into Spain without key players and STILL took it to Celta for 80 minutes... we had players collapse on the field in Liege and yet Standard had a horse shoe up their ass to come away with a result THATS DEPTH... when you can compete on the European stage with plenty of injuries and still come away with some sort of result or put an extremely good showing If you had the same sort of injuries, you'd be calling up ur academy kids to play Gavro has the same type of depth
  16. I refuse to get sucked into the "idea" that the European refs are out to get us.... this is loser mentality that I refuse to give into.... The calls are questionable however all the refs that have wronged us have come out and spoke that they made incorrect calls
  17. Thats the most troubling sign of all... we have been SCREWED by idiotic refereeing decisions for 3!!!! games I mean what gives... I get 1.... PERHAPS 2.... but this one is the straw that broke the camels back I hope they go and pump Veria full of 7-8 goals
  18. Means absolutely nothing when you do stupid mistakes that cost you acutally playing in games Lazaros b/c of his idiocy cannot play your next game.. Patito will not play for the next 2-3 games... They can be Cristiano Ronaldo for all I care... they cannot do anything when they aren't playing on the field Lazaros picks up a mininimum of 7-8 cards a year and is likely to miss 2-3 games due to cards... I know him EXTREMELY well.. he played on PAO for 4-5 years... he's a player with MASSIVE inconsistency.. can look like a world beater one day.. and be off for the next 2-3 games... When you add the fact that he will miss a few games here and there b/c of cards, then that further adds to his inconsitency... he is best when he has others pulling the strings for him and he works on a more peripheral role.. he is not a leader as he easily becomes eclipsed with pressure (his last year with PAO is a perfect example) Now that you have Lazaros...Patito out and a few others with injuries.. lets see what kind of depth you got Lastly, in regards to Simoes, what good is he when he doesn't play? He is either injured or not in form... some "uncredible" report mentioned that he had personal issues going on thus preventing him from getting much playing time... who knows.... Bottom line, gavro and PAO have a decent amount of depth (Gavro might have the most)... PAOK is a close 3rd although their bench is really hit or miss... and AEK is a distant 4th
  19. I actually forgot the Swede.. he's actually a pretty decent midfielder Lazaros is known to get many cards and miss important games... he's known for it throughout his career.. he's a bonehead The portuguse is not the same player from the past 2 seasons... either injuries or "age" have sidelined him for most of the season... can't help if your not on the field Patitio has skill and did well for the 1st game against Xanthi but since then he has failed to be consistent.. plus hitting a player and getting banned for 3 games doesn't help the team... Bakakis is not a very good player... you can feel free to disagree... dont rate him at all Bakasetas has failed to realize he plays for a top team... pressure is on and he cannot preform Mandalo is a good midfielder but if you have nothing else to build around him... he may put a valiant effort in but he's not going to give you much other than perfect passes that are wasted You can debate your team with me until your blue in the face... but the bottom line is you bounced out of Europe without putting much of a fight at home, and PAO has had nail biting games against very good, technical teams.. teams that would easily rip through your team like the gavro did And yes, when HALF the starting team is injured.. then it is hard to find replacements for subsitutions
  20. I for one am proud of the team... they went into a land where we RARELY get any sort of result...without the MVP of the team and coming off a brutal loss to Xanthi They went in there and scored two FANTASTIC GOALS... The 2nd one in particular is a thing of beauty... from build up to execution... something magical I've said it once.. Ill say it again... this team has MASSIVE psychological problems when they get scored on.... Given it wasn't a penalty, but they basically crapped themselves and forgot to play... I don't think this can solely be blamed on fatigue... the team loses it and becomes rattled These are MASSIVE warning signs b/c I feel the team might lose it if they get scored on first in a derby... We could see some extremely bad results in derbies if an opposing side smells blood and goes for the kill We have a good team but we just need to fix the mental part of our game Proud of them regardless
  21. Yes I think we have a better team than yours... you lack personalities on your team and the few you have are always injured or lose the plot Almeida never really plays Xristodoulopoulo is a hot head and EASILY rattled (see Larissa game) Ukranian CB he's pretty decent.. only reliable player on your team Lescott gets injured on "vacation" but its really his knee injury from the summer that prevented him from going to the gavro Aravidis isn't really rated nor can be relied on b/c he's never been a true goal scorer Compared to PAOK/Gavro/Us... you have the least depth and now with a truly inexperienced coach things could implode really quick
  22. The fact that he BARELY did any off the field work with the team There are no tactics... there is no instruction on how to expose a team's weakness... Pretty much the new coach has a fresh slate to install whatever mindset he wants to b/c there was none of that while he was there And yes... it sickens me to see your team on equal points with my team
  23. The BBall team has completely imploded.... thanks Dimitraki Peloudaki just quit and got fired at the same time....
  24. ^^^ Controlled it well, huh? Is that why he's out of a job already?
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