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The Best Greek Player in the last 50 Years!

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Here are the accounts of that one time that Hatzipanagis played for the National Team by Alketas Panagoulias (coach at the time) at a story written exclusively for Phantis.

Remembering the "Nureyev" of Greek Soccer

and the Greek version:


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I'm lucky enough to have in my possession a tape called "Hatzipanagis Show".

It would be nice to put the video in mpgs so many people here could really see how great he was.

Definately one of the best dribblers in the world..up there with Garincha,Diego and Pele.

If shown his video to some non-greek friens and they all say "this guy is phenomenal, too bad he didnt play in Europe and the world" football fans world- wide really missed something special.

Shame he didnt go to one of the big Athenian clubs (esp PAO :P )

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I'm lucky enough to have in my possession a tape called "Hatzipanagis Show".

Ziaka was kind enough to send me a tape - for my viewing pleasure - but the quality of the VHS tape was very poor.

Is there any way we can get our hands on a good quality tape? I'm very interested (and I believe Ziaka is too) -- so if somebody can direct us to the source of such a tape, feel free to contact us (via PM).

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Yeah Laz, you're right.

The quality is shameful. The camera positioning poor and Stavros Petrakopoulos commentary a joke. After a goal is scored on the video, either of Vasia or a teammate..he would say " kai goal!" as if we can't fcukn see it!!! he has the same clip up to 3-4 times. it's like an assignment he did a day before the deadline.

The whole thing is very amateur.

Menios Sakkelaropoulos needs to get hold of this material and make something special with it as he did for Machlas when at Arnhem.

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I wan't commenting on the quality of production (which as you mentioned is poor), but rather on the quality of tape I have in my hands.

Is this the same tape we have or a different one?

The one I have, has interviews from Koudas, Apostolidis, Kouis, Savas Kofidis, Thessaloniki Mayor Papageorgopoulos, a glimpse of an interview from Mimis Papaioannou. It's labeled:

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FIFA have just changed their rules so that players with dual nationality can play for the National Team of one country eventhough they have played for the U-21's of the other!

Hatzipanagis could have played for Greece!

The specific wording (From www.fifa.com):

"Regarding the Regulations Governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes, the new Article 15, which deals with the eligibility for national teams of players with dual nationality, was also amended to reflect the fact that “a player may exercise his right to change Associations only if he has not played at “A” international level for his country and if, at the time of his first full or partial appearance in an international match in an official competition of any other category, he already had such nationalities.“. Moreover, in the English version, the word “nationality” would replace “citizenship” for the sake of clarity."

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