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ECL-QF-L2: PAOK - Olympique Marseille (14-04-22, 22:00 EEST)


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It's looking like this may be our lineup today:





  --Zivkovic--El Kaddouri--Biseswar--


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It is Ajax all over again. We have all the chances then they score from a mistake. I cannot for the life of me understand why we choose to play out from the back. We have not got the quality.

Crespo not only gave away a goal but also blocked Akpom's shot to equalise.

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We had our chances. We needed to capitalize on at least one. It will be tough in 2nd half. Hopefully we can score in second half. Their defense is nothing special. If we can put pressure on them we have a chance. 

I would throw in Mitrita in second half.

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