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Nationalism in Greece


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Speaking of births and deaths,  the Europeans (2018 Ageing Report) claim that:

1) The current population of Greece is 10.8 million.  By 2060 the population of Greece will be ~8.3 million.

2) As of now  14.4%  of the population is 14 years old or younger. By 2060  ~11.8%  of the population will be 14 years old or younger.

3) Presently, 6.6%  of the population is 80 years old or older.  By 2060  ~17.2% , of the population will the 80 years old or older,.

4) As of now 106,200 Greeks are 90 years old  or older.  By 2060 ~392,200 Greeks will be 90 years old or older.

If this report is more or less correct, I would expect that all the Greek-patriots within  the Greek diaspora will

a) Return to Greece and  maniacally procreate,

 b) Become native speakers of the Greek language and 

c) Through  their postings at Phantis, will help us to learn the language of our ancestors.


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  1. The only way the diaspora will return to Greece …....

    When I wrote patriots, ipso facto I excluded the perfidious Albion 

  1. Go into the PAOK and Aris forums....

I did visit the “Ετσι γαργαλάει η Βουλγαρία” forum in Fantis. My Greek did not improve.

I also visited the Greek “Ετσι γαργαλάει η Βουλγαρία” forums. The participants were at war with the elementary logic.  I chose to escape.

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On 12/7/2018 at 8:18 PM, Athens4 said:

The only way the diaspora will return to Greece is either when retired or having their own online business. Otherwise it will only ever be on holiday.

As long as there is no jobs, this is correct

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