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The "Giannis Antetokounmpo Hall of Fame Progress" Thread

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Right now Giannis is one of the most slept on stories in the NBA thanks to the unexpected poor record of his team. Seeing what he has done in March so far (averaging 21pts, 2 stls, 2 blocks, 8 assists, and 8 rebounds...across 12 games; and flirting with triple doubles on a nightly basis since February), and given his "Freak"-ish physical gifts, I am in a position to make some radical predictions. (Note: I believe these mostly depend on the kind of situation Giannis finds himself in years from now, be it in Milwaukee or elsewhere):


  • Giannis has one of the highest trade values that nobody is talking about. His combination of versatility, youth, and position-less IQ might make him top 10 in this category. Can anyone think of 10 players with higher trade value than him right now? Another thought experiment: what NBA exec wouldn't trade their lottery pick for Giannis this year? Yes, I think GIannis is still a far better prospect than Ben Simmons.
  • Giannis has everything a player needs to be this generation's Scottie Pippen. If he lands himself on a perennial play-off team as a second option, I predict he will create a career for himself potentially worthy of the HoF. Im not close to kidding. 
  • He is the most all-around athletic 6"11+ player the league has ever seen. Garnett?-not as fast/agile
  • A team of 5 Giannis clones would win at least 3 championships in the next decade. How many other players would you feel comfortable saying that about? It's only possible because of his all-rounded game, and positionless-ness.


These are just some very outrageous (but convinced) predictions to spark a hopefully lively, on-going conversation about the current and future greatness of the Greek phenom that too few people are talking about.

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