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Greek Teams in The Diaspora

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Adding to the Melbourne list.

Mill park - Greek Cypriots

Keon park panathinaikos

Westvale Olympic

West Preston antagoras

Lalor florina

Box hill United - Pythagoras

Caulfield Cobras

Waverley aek

Traralgon Olympic (2 hours outside Melbourne in country league)

Collingwood city ( not so Greek anymore I heard)

East Kew olympiakos

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List of Greek clubs from Sydney so far, a few no longer exist....

Alexander Warriors

Athens '96

Bankstown Berries

Belmore Hercules

Cooks River Titans

Earlwood Hermes

Gladesville-Ryde Magic

Granville AEK

Hurstville Glory

Hurstville Minotaurs

Kingsford Hellenic

Lemnos All-Stars

Lesvos Warriors

Liverpool Olympic

Newtown Hellas

Newtown Progressives

Parramatta City

Pontian Eagles

Roseberry Rhodes

Stanmore Hawks

Sydney Cosmos

Sydney Olympic


The best for the ellinismo would be to merge all clubs into one, two or three clubs. Instead of having 20 teams with low attendances and without proper academies it would be better to have one club with high average attendance and a major academy. Of course, that would require people to swallow their pride and sucrifice their positions in the various smaller clubs. But in the long term, that would be the best.

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also keep in mind geographical restraints...

it takes in Melbourne and Sydney 1 hour in peak traffic to dive 15 km...

imagine taking kids to training if we merged and closed down clubs..


in regards to academies...its not about club resources...its the 'australian system' that makes it impossible to have proper academies.

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The latest info on Akropolis IF (3rd division Sweden):




Konstantinos Panagopoulos with Super League experience has been appointed as manager on a 2-year long contract.

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On 3/30/2016 at 1:16 AM, PAOKSWEDEN said:

A looooong interview with the staff and the Greek players that Akropolis bought this Silly Season. "Our goal is to advance to the b ethnikis Souidias"



And they did it. Next season Akropolis IF will play in the Superettan, Sweden’s second tier. With 4 games to go the lead Division 1 with an advantage of 13 points.

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St. (Agios) Panteleimon FC in London won last seasons Middlesex Premier Cupfinal and was awarded with an entry to the big FA Cup. As they are playing in the tenth level they will start in August in the qualifying competition. Level 3&4 clubs, the first clubs professional level, start in October as the Proper competition starts with a few amateurs left.

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