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Greek Teams in The Diaspora

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I remember reading a post about the Greek teams in Australia by one of the posters that was very interesting. Therefore, I got the idea to make a topic dedicated to all the Greek teams in the diaspora. We can both bring up news concerning the teams or we can just share the clubs' Facebook links in order for them to get more likes, followers etc.


I'm not sure about the criteria but I guess the clubs must have a Greek history and must be operated by Greeks.


Here's some Swedish clubs:


Akropolis IF - they are currently playing in "gamma ethiniki", where they finished 2nd after a Kurdish team last year. They went to play-off but unfortunately lost  both the even games. 

History: the club was established in 1968 by the Greek society of Stockholm.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akropolisif/


Apollon Solna: Established in 2009. As you can see by looking at their badge, they are co-operating with Apollon Kalamaria. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Apollon-Solna-FK-404391006411137/?fref=ts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/apollonfk/


IF Alexander den store (Sport Association Alexander the Great): Not many Greek players in the team but it's operated by the Greek Society of Helsingborg. As Apollon, they don't have a professional team and they play in the lowest division.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IfAlexanderDenStore/?fref=ts


Be sure to like them and show them your support! Don't forget to post if you know any teams in the diaspora! :D

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OlympicHellas// Thanks for sharing the info! It's just so unreal for me that some of the best teams in Australia were Greek and nearly vanished due to the Australians not wanting any immigrant teams in the league.

A real shame what they did to the immigrant teams. Read on Wikipedia about some of the stasi actions, changing the badge of South Melbourne and removing Hellas from the club's name etc. I hope the Greek talents that hesitate to play for the Greek ethiki get to hear these stories from their parents and pappoudes so that they don't select the Kangaroos over the ethniki ;)


The differences between Australia and Sweden on this issue seems to be quite big, although it can be hard to compare as none of the immigrant teams here have been as successful as the ones in Au. Currently, in the b ethniki we have an Assyrian team, a Syriac team and a Kurdish team. In g ethniki north we have Akropolis and in g ethniki south we have a team from the eastern parts of Greater Greece :D

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Hercules is a long story but last I heard when their books were to be audited they saw $$$ missing, they came back as Belmore United but that fell apart also.


Cooks River Titans was created by a few of my mates who were at Belmore also, one was involved with Olympic few years back and one is a current board member at Olympic, I grew up with him from 5 yo, good guy also.


So far they have had a good first year and had lots of numbers register, so good luck to them

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In Melbourne we must have at least 30 Greek clubs, feels like every neighbourhood has a Greek team lol, in the top state division npl you got 6 Greek clubs I think. Most of them don't really have any fans except for south Melbourne and to a lesser extent Heidelberg, the rest are not worth talking about.

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OH that was the first ever club I played for from under 7s, my family were on the committee there also, grew up at Mega Alexandros in my younger days, a lot of good memories from those days.


When I first started they had a blue and white striped strip and as time went on they changed it to yellow and black.

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They were a 100% Makedonia club with many Pontian members involved, in the 90s the football teams were in great shape, but toward the end of the 90s and into 2000s the Mega Alexandros club suffered and they had to sell everything off basically and this affected the football teams. They even owned roughly 6 of the houses next door to the club but started selling off slowly to cover their debts and now its a ghost club its open on weekends for dinner but its not what it used to be.....


I have actually heard there is talk of them club becoming units, but this isn't 100% confirmed but board members have spoken of it.....

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Its changed hands a few times kitchen wise and was actually going good at one stage but now its really died down, had some good memories in that place growing up as a kid, even did Greek Dancing there for a while.


It would be very sad if they knocked it down, but most Greek clubs are dying out and will eventually will all be lost.


The Mytelinians got offered $7 mill to sell so they could make units but they said no, for now anyway.


Kalymnian House is dead and isn't used much.


Pontian House is on its knees also, but the oldies here are too stubborn to allow us young guys to come in and freshen the place up with a few new ideas.


Are there any others I forgot?

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The Lemnos is now run by the owner of Clarence House, had my wedding there last year, great new reception to be honest guys especially for Belmore. They got a 10 year lease, the Lemnians still have their AGMs there and also have 1 event a year there but other than that it is now a reception centre....

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Would be great if many put their efforts in and merge and create something new but the sad thing is these older guys just don't like the younger generation giving their new ideas, they still stuck in the past and this is why their clubs have died out over the years.....


Warriors weren't based in Alexandria, or am I reading what you said wrong?

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Akropolis have signed two Greeks on free transfer, Dimitrios Sialmas and Pavlos Mitropoulos! I actually signed Mitropoulos to PAOK on fm 13 =)




Besides these transfers, two half-greeks (or one half-greek and one albanian with a changed first name) have also been transferred to the club. One Greek-Swedish guy and one Greek-Albanian guy. 


Glad to see them hold on to their history!  :gr:

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Sialmas who used to be at AEK?


Yes! Since then he has played in Platanias, the Azerbaijani league and the French b ethniki. I guess that doesn't tell us much as we're comparing with the Swedish g ethniki. Do you have any thoughts about him?

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This is a list of Greek-Australian semi-professional clubs I compiled in an earlier post a short while ago. I'll list the others to play at the countries highest level first, followed by the others currently playing in the National Premier League.



South Melbourne Hellas Est 1959- Still the countries most successful ever club. 4X NSL Champions, 1 Oceanic Champions League Title and an appearance in the FIFA Club World Cup (where they played Manchester United).


Heidelberg United Est 1958- Formed by Makedones mostly from Florina, 2X NSL runner's up



Sydney Olympic Est 1957 - 2x NSL Champions



West Adelaide Hellas Est 1962 - 1 NSL championship


The clubs listed below play in the NPL. Being from South Australia I'll name the Greek clubs playing in leagues below the NPL



Bentleigh Greens (Cypriot)

Northcote City

Oakleigh Cannons

Port Melbourne

South Melbourne



Other Victorian teams brought to my attention by a fellow PAOK poster Nea Bafra


"Altone East [PAOK]

Bayside Argonauts

Western Suburbs

Clifton Hill

Malvern City

Morwell Pegasus

South Springvale [ARIS]

Yarraville FC

Kingston City [Oly...ftoo]

Brunswick City."


New South Wales:

Sydney Olympic

Hamilton Olympic


South Australia:

Adelaide Comets

Adelaide Olympic

West Adelaide Hellas

Adelaide Cobras (Cypriot, play in another division below)

Messinian Association Hawks (Amateur club)

Pontian Eagles (Amateur club)

Salisbury Florina (Amateur club)


Western Australia:

Floreat Athena


Northern Territory:

Darwin Olympic

Hellenic Athletic



Olympic FC



Canberra Olympic



Olympia FC


If anyone from else from Australia wants to add other Greek clubs from leagues below the NPL feel free.

Edited by Pontos
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