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Panionios-Pao 13/09/2015 20:30 GST Round 3


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If we don't win... its not bc of pappas and voodoo

Its bc of piss poor planning during preseason to overwork your players and pick up a bunch of tourists and butchers along the way that have made no significant impact thus far

We have only ourselves to blame if we cant beat a bunch of kids


You clearly haven't seen Pappas in Pao's games. The guy wont let you play for s%$#!!! The team will finish the game with 25-30 fouls and somehow most of them will always be close to the penalty area. He will show a yellow card with so much ease to our players but he wont do the same with Panionios. Watch the games Ksanthi-Pao 1-1 and Ofi-Pao 1-0 so you can see what i'm talking about!!

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I bet we'll win this game one way or another, because everybody knows the title is demanded by the fans now after the ridiculous show in euro play.


Bad planning. Also, I read Dabizas's interview the other day, and there was a problem with the medical/training staff. Clubs must have a great team behind the playing team due to the demands of the modern game.


I'm skeptical why we have so many injuries so early in the season or why PAO has been getting people who have injuries.


Anyway, the years when we beat Panionios we seem to do well. I never liked that team. They always play us dirty, especially at Nea Smyrni.

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Agreed paoboston. No ball retainer makes it hard to keep the ball...only lagos and the baby elephant. Going to need a big effort abeid and pranjic needs to justify his selection.


Might have to drop berg a little deeper to have us create from the middle, otherwise utilize nano and zeca on the flanks.

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