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Panionios-Pao 13/09/2015 20:30 GST Round 3


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As I feared, PAO was nonexistent offensively. They need to get some changes in there. Pranjic needs to come out and maybe push Zeca into the midfield and bring in Kaltsas.

As for the goal, the ball appeared to take a funny bounce and it jumped on Steele and he misjudged it and did a bad job of blocking it. It was a bad goal to give up but Steele has bailed out this team so many times and the rest of the team right now is leaving him out to dry.

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Ball took a wicked bounce to be fair, but im sure he'll be disappointed.


For the most part though we have stunk it up. Midfield is broken. Lagos sitting deep, petric doesn't have the legs, abeid still trying to settle in, pranjic not showing any leadership. It's no wonder we have lost possession and against this mob that could get relegated.....We look like a small side out there. Very disappointing.


Let's hope we can scrap it because it's unlikely we see any good football from us any time soon.


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^^^Hold on guys, the guy doesn't have a right back. As soon as he moved moved marinakis there, the attacker passes him as if he wasn't there.


I agree we need zeca's running in the midfield but that is not the reason we are losing. Zero chemistry and chance creation. Zeca doesn't create.

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