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Youngster Alexander Tziolis made his debut in the Scottish League and scored at it. Was played as a CB but can also play DM. Promising aspect, at a position that our NT hurts.

I don't see why GrkCdn's posts should be stirring up people, unless maybe they are hyper sensitive.  There is no swearing or cursing.  No belittling of posters or innuendo.  It's just his opinion.  I

Apparently he's already signed by Olympiacos for the upcoming season who just beat out AEK to get him. So he's either going to play for Oly or be loaned out probably back to OFI who will probably be i

On 4/12/2019 at 8:14 AM, Dean97 said:

Also forgot how close Greece came to qualifying for the 1998 world cup. We needed a win at home vs Denmark and we couldn't get one past Schmeical and it ended 0-0 with Denmark going through in top spot three points ahead of Greece I thought Croatia had secured top place but they finished over us for 2nd and went through via playoff. Wow that was so tough coming that close to making it. Whenever there is a world cup held in Europe we haven't qualified but we have come so very close in 1998, 2006 & 2018. 

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Seen you’re taking us back to ‘98... we should have won that game. Missed many many chances, Alexandris stuffed the 1:1 and we had a few posts towards the end as well, I think Kalitzakis was inches away. We had a great team that campaign 

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