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AEK Europa League Draw

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Cant say im happy or sad about it i beleive its an open group can go either way besides strum were we should collect max points.

Ander well we all now they have our number they killed us with one of there young stars

LOKOMOTIV smart football a split from them the plus is it wont be december when we play them in moscow a plus.

ALL in all i see maybe 8 to 9 points

Paok got in the a hole so we should be able to compete if we find a way to beat belgium club we should be able to take care of the rest.

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AEK couldn't have wished for a better draw. Unfortunately i just don't think AEK has what it takes to qualify.

Lokomotiv really struggle to get goals, they always lack a cutting edge whenever i've seen them, but they do move the ball fairly well and have a good home record. AEK will need to get a draw in Russia and beat them at home.

Anderlecht lost Lukaku but signed Jovanovic from Liverpool. In my opinion they are better than AEK.

Sturm Graz aren't great at all, AEK can finish above them

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Theres no question that anderlecht is a much better squad at the moment but that dosent always mean that they should flat out collect max points i truly beleive if we had rizoupoli as our home ground for europa and filled that sucker up none of them survive.

Russian clubs are always competitive and have a super domestic league tough task indeed.

As for strum i mean if we cant beat them then were hopeless bottom line.

Im gonna be positive for once and say we will finally get over the hump and qualify.

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Anderlecht were piss-poor against Bursaspor in the play-off round.

They got the victory thanks to Bursaspor's inner brawl, the problems they face with their own fans and players. 4 points is definitely a reachable target.

Lokomotiv is one of the weaker Russian sides in Europe. They play a passing and moving game, and are generally very prolific at home. But they are definitely nowhere near CSKA, Zenit or Rubin Kazan FC. I'd take a win at home and a loss away in this one.

Sturm Graz is a strange club. They have a pretty good record at home but their away record in Europa League speaks for themselves. 4 points are reachable.

AEK, if they are careful and not pathetic like they were against Tbilissi, can win this group.. Realistically..

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We will have nothing this year. We have a very mediocre team from what I have seen so far, which in Greece means middle of the table again. in Europe it means, no chance for the next round. Too bad, 5 years ago I would have felt very comfortable with this draw.

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I must admit you both are very pessimistic..

Give the team some time to gel.. I can see a title-mounting AEK squad this season in Greece and qualification to the knockout round with this draw is hugely likely imo..

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Guys I know how you all of you feel!!! I must say that I feel the same way but I also believe that you can surprise some people this year. We must give our team a chance to start playing so the team can gel. Defenatly loosing Kafe and probably Mako will hurt us but I think our young talent can step up and get a chance or two this year. So let's not count our guys out yet. Give them the benefit of a doubt.

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There is always hope... but there is also a sense of reality. We have mediocre players. In some situations, these players may play above expectations, but in general, they cannot sustain it over an entire season.

I also believe that the coach limits the players and the team. 1 month ago he wanted to get rid of Leonardo and he has been arguably our best player. Is Leonardo on the blacklist because he was a chosen player of Dusan? I feel like Manolo wants to only bring in Spaniards to the team. OK, I can agree with bringing in a few, but what about Greeks? Or will we have the situation again with Ferrer and him bringing in old latin players (after Ivic was removed from his tech position).

What happens when the players are not getting paid like a couple of years ago? Will even the better players still play with heart or will they become lifeless like 2 years ago?

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