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19 hours ago, Original Sydney said:

Reports saying we are after Bosnian International Ognjen Vranjes, with Chygrynsky out this could be something we really need.


He is very close to signing. He passed his medical today and will likely finish up final details on the contract tomorrow and be announced officially. 


We are also after Jorge Pereira Diaz. He is an Argentinian striker, 26 years old, and plays for the same team in Malaysia that Patito played for. He has scored 50 goals in his last 68 games. Just like Patito, he went to this Malaysian team for the money, and he has lit it up. He would almost certainly be an upgrade over the kreas Almeida, the lunatic Aravidis, and the inconsistent Pekhart. 

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We are close to signing Diaz and also Federico Bravo from Boca Juniors. Both would raise the team up a level. Our depth in midfield would become our strength rather than our weakness with Bravo. Diaz is a natural goal scorer that can play up top and on the wing, instant upgrade over Pekhart and Almeida. Get these two, and a left back and we are golden.

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Diaz will be a huge plus for us if he comes and reports say he will be in Athens this week sometime, if he brings that scoring record along with him then hopefully most of our worries up top will end. Almeida has been a flop, but Pekhart on the other hand has shown he can step up when needed.

We have done some decent business this window I feel, now to get a LB.

Majstorovic seems to be getting things done well for us.

But we can bring in as many players as we want, the one thing we need to do is start winning matches week in week out.

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The Platella release is just  another insanely moronic move by a PAE who seems to have moronic moves indented into their DNA regardless of who is in charge. 

We just thinned out 2 major positions with that move. You now have only Patito to play on both wings for as long as Lazaro is injured. Platella had a contract until 2018, why the F*** would you break contract when there hasn't been any indication of getting another winger, and you didn't make a cent off of it? Not to mention you just strengthened Atromito for free, a team that is 3 points behind us.  

Vargas is out as he and his manager are waiting out his contract, so that he can leave for free in the summer. 


I doubt they have the brains to bring back Barbosa for cheaper, if not for free as Al Wasl has a limit on the amount of foreign players they can have on the roster. Watch someone else from the Greek league snatch up one of our best players of the last few seasons. Then I'll really lose my s%$#!. 

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1 hour ago, Original Sydney said:

Few reports saying Tzavellas is Athens with AEK in pursuit, thoughts?

Personally I would take him as it makes us stronger, we have terrible LBs currently.

I think you guys should take him and it would be a good move.  End of the day he's a solid player, the "MVP" for PAOK last season.  He had a great season.

There is too much bad blood now with him at PAOK not just with Ivic but with previous managers as well, but at AEK he may realize it's time to start fresh and stop the crap.

Besides, Meli is a lot scarier than Ivan and I can picture Meli stubbing out that cigar of his right into Tzavellas cute little head, so there is that as well to keep him in line.

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It'd be good for the NT as well as he needs to be playing.  I know of lot of people don't want him in the NT but he's definitely worthy of being in the squad.  Maybe not a starter but he's good to have for depth.

He's got that tsabouka as we all know and I'm sure if he signs for you guys he'll have a blinder against PAOK.  I actually wish the trouble between him and Ivic hadn't happened as he was good for depth/rotation but it is what it is now.

I can't see him signing for PAO either as they are having trouble paying their players and there was talk of Alafouzos decreasing the budget.  That's now, what about in the near future ?  If Tzavellas has to choose between the two I can't see how he'd prefer PAO.

The only issue of course will be his wages ...

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That's my only concern will Meli pay the transfer fee (if there is one) and also will he pay the wages. On the plus side we all know he loves his Greek players so this works in favour of it happening and he is a Greek International so for me it would be crazy to not get him. PAO just bought Koubelis also and not sure what their finances are like now and Alafouzos has put himself in s%$#! so hopefully he comes to us.

Time will tell, the quicker we get it done though the better it is as we are very thin at the back now with injuries.

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