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Great job from our young guns! Greece are in the semifinals! Man if only Mitroglou would have scored from the penalty spot, he would gotten his 3rd goal of the tournament and a Greece victory, but we will take the draw. Next off is Germany, the German side doesn't really scare me alot, there goalkeeper is garbage from what I watched on Eurosport. Greece has one of the top defense in Europe. I too thing Greece will pull off an upset. ;)

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Greece will play against Germany and Spain will play against France. All 4 teams automatically qualified for the FIFA U-19 WC next year. Mitroglou missed a penalty at the 58' and the game ended 0-0.



Juan Santisteban, Spain coach

We struggled to get going in the first half, although Greece did not allow us to play the way we know we can. Greece did not attack too much and we knew we would win the group with a point so it was a bit strange we were the ones who had to push forward to get the win. They were happy to drop back a lot and made it hard for us to play. They didn't show much in attack; they didn't really try to score or get men forward. This type of match can be dangerous because you're invited to attack but at the same time you don't want to concede yourself.

Nikolaos Nioplias, Greece coach

It's very important to be in the semi-finals but we won't have any chance if we start that game with the same mentality we showed here, although the second half was a big improvement. Once we learned Portugal were winning 2-0, both teams dropped off and tried to protect the result. In my experience I understand that even if you don't really want to play for a draw, your mentality is to do that because in this case we knew it was enough to qualify. We always want to win games but both sets of players knew beforehand one point would be enough so it was natural they settled for that in the end.

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The last paragraph of the link:

EURO omen

Greece's defensive strength has inevitably prompted comparisons with the way the senior team won UEFA EURO 2004™ and their goalkeeper is hopeful the omens are pointing towards another memorable triumph. "We rely on our defence a lot; we try to keep a clean sheet first and with our good midfield and attack we then look to get something at the other end," he explained. "There's definitely some similarities with EURO 2004™, especially from our first match against Portugal which we won 1-0. I took that to be a sign and I hope we can continue in the same way, all the way to the final."


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I'm watching the game, so far we're ok. Germany are the better side but its a pretty solid display at the back and when we do get the ball to Ninis and Mitroglou they play the ball well. Nini in particular is looking confident. They move the ball particularly well though and at times we're giving too much room in front of our defence allowing Boateng to shoot a couple of times.

The commentators have also just said that Ninis is expected to join Real Madrid within the next month! :o I mean I knew they were watching him but didnt know he was on the verge of signing!

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OUR NO;2 GOT DONE hopefully we'll offer something going forward. our passings been ok

Both our full backs (no. 2 & 5) are getting arse raped!! Thats been the main difference in this game. Germany 1-0 Greece.
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We're moving the ball well but the final ball just isnt good enough! Mitroglou is good at holding the ball up and is very strong, we should try and get the ball into his feet and getGOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!


I was going to say, lets get the ball into Mitroglou's feet and get runners around him from midfield.


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