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papazoglou MISSES AN ABSOLUTE SITTER!!!!! one of the misses of the season already..wow

Back when I was a kid, OSFP had an inside-left named Aristidis Papazoglou. If ever there was a mastro-haso-golis, he was it! :blink:

You think this Thanasis is related to him? :huh:

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I think Vitolo's red card was ridiculous. Niang came from behind, Vitolo clearly didn't see him and tried to hook the ball away. How on earth can you give a second yellow for that?

What did Papazoglou missed miss at the death?! :o In my opinion that was the difference between PAOK's qualification and their failure to make it :( Irlandos, if they aren't related there's clearly a curse associated with the name

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Antalya was too bed at this match...

Fenerbahce is favorite. But PAOK sure has a chance, I don't think PAOK worse then Young Boys.

Also they have problem with injures and Red cards...

A won from PAOK won't suprise me, we ll see...

I told you guys,

That PAOK could win!

Fenerbahce played nothing. no soul, no war, no football.

PAOK deserved at least 2-0. Only the mistake, they kept Fenerbahce very serious. If they should play more attack after the goal they should score one more goal.

I hope they will not look for this goal in Kadikoy.

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I think that Fener will advance..

The away goal that PAOK may get will be the difference..

I dont see PAOK conceeding 3...

I know Fenerbahce that even they have very expensive team and play not bed at the league, they don't have any succsess in Europe (only sucsess in their history 2 years ago they played quarter Final in CL which was sucsess of Ziko and footballers were at the top of their form).

Fenerbace has serious problems, first off all the footballers still feel that they are in holiday. New Transfers Issiar Dia, Niang, just joined to team and they are not ready. Semih was waiting step for all last season, he is far away to play with full performance. Guiza still look for a team to go nobady wants him. Stoch started to get used the team but i don't beleive he is very good footballer the same for Andre Dos Santos. Diego Lugano hoped all year to be transfered to a wrold class club couldn't manage, also after a tiring wrold cup with Uruguay he is tired, Emre is out of injury, other Turkish footbalers of Fener absolutly average ( except Gokhan Gonul ). Another disadvantage of them is their unexperienced coach Aykut Kocaman...

PAOK caught Fener in a very good period. And i watched the first match PAOK is cute team. If they close the deffance at first 30 min, Fener will start to Panic. Also PAOK playing agressively which is breaking the Fener's game.

As Conculation IMO if PAOK plays like in Toumba my favourite is PAOK...

They just have to lock Alex De Souza and agressive game...

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