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2 hours ago, georgelaz said:

lol turkish league is def better right now but olympiakos looked good until that last 20-30 minute crumble and the keeper was mostly at fault.

(btw im not the person you're speaking of)

no olympiakos struggled to score once at a team playing with 10 for 60 minutes.. 
instead he conceded two more when he tried to push for the 2nd.

the only good player Oly seemed to have on the field was Retsos and Ansarifard who had no service at all but always made good runs. Fortounis excellent too whenever he could, but literally noone gave a f*ck about the wingers. Manthatis can be excused due to inexperience but Elyounoussi despite his goal was of no usage at all.

Sadly , you can't win a European match as hard as this one, with 3 players.

I am aware it aint you, and Im also aware who it was literally spamming answers like "Turkish league aint nothing better" when given facts about budget/player names/European runs". Apparently our champion getting stomped from theirs gives him experience in upcomming disagreements to not be so ignorant and not making so many useless posts.

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6 hours ago, Akritis_1944 said:

Turkish league has spent about a billion dollars over the last decade to be 1 place ahead of Greece in the UEFA coefficient rankings.

Bravo, you were right. You waited weeks to come after me. I hope you're the real man you think you are. Can I touch your Bollocks?


That's my point. the one spot difference is plasmatic.

The league is 10 steps ahead of ours.

As for the Bollocks part im sure the Miss of mine will have a problem with that.


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