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2008 Beijing Olympics


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Good thread--

I find the official Olympic sit half useless but I see that the gymnist Maras - former world champ in the horzontal bars -- did not qualify for round 2 for either the bars or the vault

looks like 2:30 AM tip off Spain- Greece Eastern Time -- if its on I'll stay up


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Well this is going to be one of the worst games, least memorable (for Greece) - in addition to the doping incidents, are others are not doing so well.

Basketball our pride and joy started with a horrible performance against World Champs and Spain who are great, but we didnt need to lose that bad...Should have done much better......

The water polo (mens) started with their easiest match vs Australia, and lost 12-8. By easiest I mean it only gets downhll with Montenegro, Hungary in their group etc..

Our two beach volleball teams were eliminated today too....and Viki Karadasiou/arvaniti should have done much better than get eliminated in the first round...

Another Judo guy went eliminated.....

Grigoriadis, our top swimmer, did not qualify for the semifinals and is out and so are all the other swimmers who competed....

The only positive was rowing and gymnastics were we stayed alive:

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No interest in this therad :(

Not much to be optimistic so far I guess.....

Our silver medalist womens polo lost their opener to Australia.....just like the men did...

Kaklamanakis finished 5th in windsurfing- not sure what that means...

Ioannis Christou, finished 3rd in his rowing race, meaning hell go on to the next round. Best news of the day - he was in 2nd for most of the race, so hes still in medal contention i feel.

Danilidou lost her match to a french girl....

Kayaking, some swimming all finished low...so basically not going far....

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Guest TheLegend

were completely outplaying germany int he 2nd half of the first half. currently up 39-30 but even the written commentation says our speed and movement of the ball is killing germany as well as the double team being used often once dirk touches the ball.

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Guest TheLegend

going into half time up by 11. Much better than what ive seen against spain. They must have woke up big time. We also scored like 2 free throws so we tied our spain tally :LOL:

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