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New Transfer: Tomas Randziski

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Interpretation please..?

Is Radzinksi on his way to Xanthi? I hope not, he never impressed me.

Yes Randziski is on his way to sign for xanthi. Iv'e whatch Randziski play in the premiership before, he played for Fulham & Everton and he was a good Striker, so i personaly think he's a great signing for Xanthi.
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I think this is a great signing for Xanthi. When a player that has played for two good Premier League clubs and has been relatively sucessful there decides to come to Greece, it's always good news. I know the guy is a bit old, but I truly feel he will help this club.

I think the most important thing here is, a team like Xanthi is going out and willing to spend money to bring a notable name to their ream shows me that at least a little bit of balance is coming to the Super League and hopefully we will have exciting league races in years to come, instead of the boring protathlimata year after year.

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True. I don't know about you guys but with the signings made this year I kinda feel our league went up a notch. (Rivaldo to AEK, Lualua for OSFP, etc)...

I disagree re file. Rivaldo was already in Greece, and apart from Lua Lua and Galletti, Oly hasn't signed anyone of note.

One of the world's top young talents has left the league in the form of Castillo, and we lost numerous young talents = Aloneftis, Kapentais, etc. If I'm not mistaken, some of the talents from lesser teams has also left, such as Manso & Luciano.

As for the teams as a whole, I think only PAO has improved of the big sides, while AEK are missing Kapentais imo, and Cirillo, and Oly has completely gone to s%$#!. To return the topic back to Xanthi, I hope Radzinski can be the spark they've lacked up front because they way this league has gone, if Xanthi get a good goalscorer to compliment their good defensive record they could be a good superleague side.

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Xanthis is not the team of 2 years ago when they had:

sikov, torosidis,antzas, luciano, labriakos(firing), mahradze, baikara(firing)

What do they have now?

Turina, Radzinski,Labriakos, Barkoglou, Kostoulas

Not much of a team

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together with Jan Koller, Tomas Radzinski was part of the Anderlecht attack in our last superb year in Europe (2001)

was topscorer in Belgium (23 goals in 31 games) and scored important goals in the Champions League the same year

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