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  1. Is there any doubt? I think I told everybody about this kid a few years ago, no?
  2. You need to watch more basketball, especially of the NBA variety. If you don't know why Rose is the second best player on the team, then I won't even bother. I predicted the kid was going to be a US National Team starter three years ago, when he was still in high school....and presto, here he is. Not many pg's in the nba better....certainly not Billups.
  3. The best player in the tournament, based both on performance and ability, was Kevin Durant-no questions asked.The second best player is Derrick Rose. The rest you can quibble about.
  4. I think you all saw that when the US prepares even in the slightest bit for tourneys like these, they win handily-even sending a third or fourth rate squad like they did. Only Durant and Rose can be considered "top tier" NBA players from this FIBA World Championship squad, and the Americans won it hands down. Btw, I predicted Rose would be the US point guard three years ago when I saw him as a high school senior. I also predicted great things for Evan Turner of OSU...and he was College Player of the Year this past year.
  5. I remember Pashos playing in high school for the Porters of Lockport High.
  6. Hey, I agree with you-the dunk is the highest percentage shot in basketball. The world wide perception of it, however, is that it's the special province of the showboating Americans. How taking the absolute highest percentage shot in the game is showboating is beyond me, but hey, that's a topic for another day.
  7. Honestly, looking back, the Yugoslavia team which finished 3rd seems to be more formidable in terms of star power: the late Drazen Petrovic, Toni Kukoc, Vlade Divac, Dino Radja, Zarko Paspalj, Stojan Vrankovic, Aleksandar Djordjevic...these guys all played in the NBA or were drafted by NBA teams in an era where drafting Euros was relatively infrequent. The USSR team had Volkov and Marciulionis from players that played in the NBA, though most of the Yugoslavians had more distinguished NBA careers and even some all-star appearances. Of course, we finished 1st with no NBA players, though Galis and Fassoulas had been drafted by NBA teams and both had played NCAA basketball. That said, I would equate Greece's success in 1987 at the same level with the team's success in 2005 and 2006, because they did get through the top two European powers at the time, including teams that had numerous legendary players. It was also our first real big success on a national team level since 1949, when, believe it or not, we finished in third place in that year's Eurobasket! I also believe it was the first time that the Ethniki defeated the USSR! The 2005 and 2006 successes were arguably tougher though...the tournaments were not in Greece, and the level of play and especially the level of competition has really increased in 20 years, as more and more countries have developed very competitive national teams, plus the breakup of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia leading, on the one hand, to the destruction of basketball superpowers, but on the other hand giving rise to a number of competitive countries like Lithuania, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, etc. Giannakis and Christodoulou had also been drafted, although Fani may have been drafted after the fact. Can't remember off the top of my head.
  8. Spanoulis, Papaloukas, Diamantidis, Fotsis, Vasilopoulos, Tsartsaris, Bourousis, Printezis. Basketball 101 and 102 are "fundamental skills" which aren't really European traits. The Americans have mastered both. Euro players have mastered the penetrate and kick back, but that sometimes leaves them in mid air with nowhere to go. Likewise, the dunk is thought of as American showboating.
  9. Have to agree with drakos.The quality of basketball today in Eurpoe is FAR superior to that 20 years ago. Galis was a BIG star in Europe, but I believe would have struggled mightily in the NBA as a 6'1" shooting guard. He lasted until the fourth round of the NBA draft, for precisely that reason. Giannakis was a 9th round choice. Very limited player for a point guard. Fasoulas was a stiff. Couldn't start even at NC State. IMO, Greece right now has at least 8 guys that could play in the NBA in a regular rotation. Not even close to being the case 20 years ago.
  10. Congrats to you for admitting the obvious.I tip my hat to you, as well as paxiotis.
  11. Kobe is playing with ligament damage in his shooting hand. To call one of the top two or three basketball players on the planet one of the most overrated of all time is a stretch, to say the least. Secondly, the ONLY difference between this team and past teams, in terms of TEAM play, is that they have had TWO YEARS to PREPARE. Not 2-3 weeks like with ALL other teams in the past, including the '06 side. The US is the ONLY National Team I'm aware of that makes wholesale changes to their roster AND coaching staff EVERY tournament. That changed ONLY the last two years with the advent of the Olympic basketball program and with Coach K returning from the WC team. And you all see the results. How can 12 guys be expected to play as a TEAM, especially at this level, with only 3 weeks preparation? Some of these other Olympic teams have been together 6-7 years. How can you teach team defense, half court sets, man to man offense, full court press, three quarter court press, half court press, etc., etc., all in three weeks time? And then expect them to play as well as a unit as teams that have been together 6-7 years? Also, they didn't just learn to play fundamental basketball. They knew how to all along. You don't magically acquire fundamentals at the pro level. They have to be there to begin with. You're confusing fundamentals with cohesion as a team. And you can't ahve that type of cohesion with only 3 weeks prep time, no matter how talented you are. That's more the fault of US Basketball than it is the players themselves. Lastly, why would you expect THIS USNT to play like an NBA team in a FIBA tournament? And what's wrong with playing an NBA style game? If they were playing NBA rules, it would make all the sense in the world. They're playing a FIBA game. They can't use two and three man isolation plays like they do in the NBA, especially against the zones they see. And they can kick up the defenisve intenstity in a FIBA game because they're playing eight less minutes. Not sure what the last "out of necessity" comment is about, but why don't you tell me how you think some of these FIBA teams would fare in an NBA style tourney? I get the funny feeling that some people here believe that FIBA style is the only way to play basketball, or at least the correct way.
  12. Here's a little something which I found in another forum from a Canadian poster who knows a thing or two about basketball: I think the above accurately depicts what is going on in these boards as well.
  13. That's fine. I'll respect your wishes and opinion. I have no problem with that. Your forum, your rules.However, I will point out the following-if you did follow basketball a bit more closely, you would definitely understand where the implied racism and anti-Americanism comes in. Nothing EXPRESSLY said, but all it takes is reading just a WEE bit between the lines, and some common sense. In any event, that's another topic, so I'll leave it at that.
  14. Genome,If you can kindly answer the question I posed earlier, then that's where your answer would lie. Namely: ....answer me this as truthfully as possible-If I told you there was a basketball team out there that beat Spain by 37, Greece by 23, Lithuania by 35, Germany by 49, Australia by 11, Angola by 20, China by 35, Canada by 55, Russia by 20, and Australia again by 31, all within 2-3 weeks time, and that they wear jerseys with ANYTHING BUT USA printed on the front, what would you say? Results like the aforementioned take OPINION completely out of ANY discussion on the topic. What differing opinion can there be about a team that beats its opponents by an average of 32 points a game? And they've beaten the so called second best team in the world by 37. They're absolutely embarassing people. Games are over by half time, and NOBODY is exempt. It's not like they're squeaking out one point nail biters with no time left on the clock. If you have posts that completely fly in the face of logic and totally disregard the aforementioned empirical proof, then to me there are ulterior motives for said posts and it's not simply a matter of differing opinion. btw, the primary question I asked was who is the best team in the world, not who is going to win the gold. And what happened in '04 and '06 is completely irrelevant as this is clearly NOT the same US team, either in personnel, preparation, or intensity.
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